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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Domenico Vandelli, 15 July 1767 n.s.
Dated 1767. d. 15. Julii.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to (). Written in Latin.


Linnaeus reports that he has been ill for most of the year. Now that he begins to feel better, his desk is full of letters to answer, and he takes Domenico VandelliVandelli, Domenico (1735-1816).
Italian. Physician and botanist. Left
for Portugal in 1764, where he was a
professor at the university of Coimbra.
He was the founder of Ajuda botanical
garden in Lisboa and of the Coimbra
botanical garden, where he was also the
first director (1773-1791).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
as one of the first. Linnaeus had published a dissertation during the previous autumn on the issue of the nature of fungi [Linnaeus refers to the Dissertatio academica mundum invisibilem breviter delineaturaLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
academica mundum invisibilem breviter
, diss., resp. J. C. Roos
(Uppsala, 1767). Soulsby no. 2348.

The first part of the twelfth edition of the Systema naturae [Systema naturae, 12th editionLinnaeus, Carl Systema
, 12th edition (Stockholm
1766-1768). Soulsby no. 62.
] is ready, and Vandelli can see how correctly Linnaeus had treated the information received from Vandelli.

The second part, on the plants, is half ready, and there, Linnaeus gives a description of the new plant Vandellia, found in the Island of St. Tomé.

Linnaeus is eager to know how Vandelli fares and how work on the Portuguese flora progresses [Linnaeus refers to Vandellis work with the Florae lusitanicae et brasiliensis specimenVandelli, Domenico Florae
lusitanicae et brasiliensis specimen et
epistolae ab eruditis viris Carolo a
Linné, Antonio De Haen ad
Dominicum Vandelli scriptae
]. Many scholars are eagerly waiting to see what Portugal may bring.

Linnaeus reports on the recent appointments of some of his pupils. Adam KuhnKuhn, Adam (1741-1817).
American. Physician, Philadelphia.
Studied under Linnaeus at Uppsala
University in 1762-1763. Linnaeusís only
American student. Correspondent of
had become professor in Philadelphia. Johannes BeckmanBeckman, Johannes (1739-1811).
German. Professor of economy,
Göttingen. After a two-year stay in
St Petersburg, he travelled in Sweden
and Denmark in 1765-1766. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
had been appointed professor in Natural history at Göttingen. Johan ZoegaZoëga, Johan (1742-1788).
Danish. Botanist and economist.
Linnaeusís student 1762-1764.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
had got the job of demonstrator of plants in the botanical garden of Copenhagen.

In the first part of Systema naturae there are 6,500 animals.

For the second part, Linnaeus has added fifty genera of plants, among them the Dracaena Vandellii.

Johann Christian Daniel von SchreberSchreber, Johann Christian Daniel von
(1737-1810). German. Physician
and botanist. Became doctor of medicine
at Uppsala under Linnaeus in 1760.
Professor of botany and director of the
botanical garden of Erlangen.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has started to publish drawings of grasses, and intends to cover them all [Linnaeus refers to the Beschreibung der GräserSchreber, Johann Christian Daniel von
Beschreibung der Gräser,
nebst ihren Abbildungen nach der
, 2 vols. (Leipzig,

Linnaeusís son [Carl Linnaeus the YoungerLinnaeus the Younger, Carl
(1741-1783). Swedish. Botanist. Son of
Carl Linnaeus and Sara Elisabet Linnaea.
Brother of Elisabeth Christina, Louisa,
Sara Christina and Sophia Linnaea.
Attended his fatherís lectures, had
private tutors (Löfling, Rolander,
Solander and Falk, all Linnaeusís
students). Demonstrator of botany at
Uppsala. Succeeded his
] has sent the third of his Decuria rariorum plantarum [Linnaeus refers to the Decas prima [et secunda] plantarum rariorum horti UpsaliensisLinnaeus the Younger, Carl
Decas prima [et secunda] plantarum
rariorum horti Upsaliensis sistens
descriptiones & figuras plantarum
minus cognitarum
] to the printer.

Johan Ernst GunnerusGunnerus, Johan Ernst
(1718-1773). Norwegian. Bishop of
Trondheim. Together with Gerhard
Schøning and Peter Friederich
Suhm he founded in 1760 Det Kongelige
Norske Videnskabers Selskab [The Royal
Norwegian Society of Sciences and
Letters]. Author of Flora
(1766-1776). Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
describes animals and zoophytes from the northern Arctic in Acta Nidarosiensia [Der Drontheimischen Gesellschaft Schriften, journal of the Royal Norwegian society of sciences and letters, Det Kongelige Norske Videnskabers Selskab].

Linnaeus forwards greetings from the members of the Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala [Kungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i UppsalaKungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i
Swedish. The Royal
Society of Sciences at Uppsala was
founded in 1728.

The Erythrina crista galli that Vandelli had been kind to send has died after Linnaeus had tended it for three months. When Linnaeus examined it he saw that the specimen had almost no roots; they had been taken away by Vandelliís gardener in the packing. So it was no wonder it did not grow.

Linnaeus can not write more, since he is too tired.


1. Florae lusitanicae et brasiliensis specimen (1788), p. 86-88 .