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Link: • Paul Batigne to Carl Linnaeus, 9 February 1768 n.s.
Dated ce 9.e fevrier 1768.. Sent from Berlin (Germany) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in French.


Paul BatigneBatigne, Paul (?-1773).
French. Physician, Montpellier.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
sends Linnaeus a copy of a recent work [Essai sur la digestionBatigne, Paul Essai sur la
digestion, et sur les principales causes
de la vigueur, de la durée de la
vie, &c
(Berlin, 1768).
] that he has published. Batigne introduces himself as a member of a society to which Linnaeus also belongs and as a pupil of François Boissier de La Croix SauvagesSauvages, François Boissier de
La Croix de
(1706-1767). French.
Botanist and clergyman and physician,
professor in medicine at Montpellier.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, through whom he has become acquainted with Linnaeusís method, which has also made his friend Antoine GouanGouan, Antoine (1733-1821).
French. Botanist, Montpellier. Student
under Sauvages. Director of the
botanical garden in 1767, later
professor of botany and medicine.
Although an admirer of Linnaeus he tried
to develop a hybrid of his system of
classification. Correspondent of
famous. Batigne has been fully occupied as a doctor for the last fifteen years, but he has not lost his interest in natural history, so when he was commissioned to act as a doctor for the French colony in Berlin, he had some time free to devote himself to his former interest. Batigne invites Linnaeus to make his comments, which he will be flattered to receive and to obey. P.S. If Linnaeus wants to reply, he can send his letter to Batigne through the Swedish envoyé in Berlin.


a. original holograph (LS, I, 482-483). [1] [2]


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