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Link: • Johan Ernst Gunnerus to Carl Linnaeus, 21 May 1768 n.s.
Dated d. 21 Maji, 1768. Sent from Trondheim (Norway) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Danish.


Johan Ernst GunnerusGunnerus, Johan Ernst
(1718-1773). Norwegian. Bishop of
Trondheim. Together with Gerhard
Schøning and Peter Friederich
Suhm he founded in 1760 Det Kongelige
Norske Videnskabers Selskab [The Royal
Norwegian Society of Sciences and
Letters]. Author of Flora
(1766-1776). Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
thanks Linnaeus for a letter [presumably Linnaeus to Gunnerus, 20 March 1768Letter L4052] and his Systema naturae, 12th, editionLinnaeus, Carl Systema
, 12th edition (Stockholm
1766-1768). Soulsby no. 62.
; I-II [Gunnerus means the first and second parts, “Regnum animale” and ”Regnum Vegetabile”] which Henrik TonningTonning, Henrik (1732-1796).
Danish. Physician and explorer,
Trondheim. Linnaeus’s student 1766-1768.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has sent him. There is much new in the work. Gunnerus longs for the third volume on the Mineral Kingdom [the ”Regnum Lapideum”, which was to be published in 1768].

Gunnerus will soon send Linnaeus the fish ”Lodde” in alcohol, together with a description of the bigger variety of ”Lodde”, in order to be fully convinced whether it really is Salmo eperlanus. He will also send the little animal that he wrote about in the previous letter, and which Linnaeus means resembles a Monoculus. Gunnerus also encloses a description of a mollusc that comes close to Ascidias [Gunnerus’s description was published in his ”Nogle smaa rare og meestendeelen nye Norske søedyr"Gunnerus, Johan Ernst
"Nogle smaa rare og meestendeelen
nye Norske søedyr",
Skrifter som udi det
Kiøbenhavnske Selskab af Laerdoms
og Videnskabers Elskere ere fremlagte og
, 10 (1770), 166-176.
]. When he first saw this animal he thought that it was an Alcyonium epipetrum Having, however, cut it up, he now brings it to genus Ascidia. Gunnerus thanks Linnaeus for his answers to the previous questions.


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