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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Nicolaas Laurens Burman, 7 May 1768 n.s.
Dated 1768 d. 7 Maji. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Amsterdam (Netherlands). Written in Latin.


Linnaeus has received Nikolaas Laurens BurmanísBurman, Nicolaas Laurens
(1734-1793). Dutch. Professor of
botany. Linnaeusís pupil in Uppsala in
1760. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
letter dated 6 April, 1768Letter L4068. He is also very grateful for Burmanís excellent book [Flora IndicaBurman, Nicolaas Laurens
Flora Indica: cui accedit series
zoophytorum Indicorum, nec non prodromus
florae Capensis
(Leiden &
Amsterdam, 1768).
] that he has not yet received. When it arrive he will tell Burman if he has any comments.

Peter Jonas BergiusBergius, Petter Jonas
(1730-1790). Swedish. Physician and
botanist. Professor of natural history
and pharmacy at Collegium Medicum,
Stockholm. Linnaeusís student.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
published Descriptiones plantarum ex Capite bonae speiBergius, Petter Jonas
Descriptiones plantarum ex Capite
bonae spei, cum differentiis specificis,
nominibus trivialibus et synonymis
auctorum justis secundum systema sexuale
et autopsia concinnatae et sollicite
(Stockholm, 1767).
in Stockholm in1767, in octavo by Lars SalviusSalvius, Lars (1706-1773).
Swedish. Printer, bookseller, publisher.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
. It contains about 300 plants with descriptions that he received from a man called Matthias Grubb who came to the Cape of Good Hope on his way from India. When the second part of Systema naturae, 12th editionLinnaeus, Carl Systema
, 12th edition (Stockholm
1766-1768). Soulsby no. 62.
was printed and corrected by his brother [Bengt Bergius

], he published his descriptions as if he had not seen Linnaeusís Mantissa plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Mantissa
plantarum generum editionis VI. (1764)
et specierum editionis II.[1762-63]

(Stockholm 1767). Soulsby no. 311.
and named the plants and genera with his own names. Salvius sent the second part of the Systema to Holland but it was lost during the journey. Now the third part on stones is in progress.

There is no news from Sweden. On Linnaeusís advice Johan Otto HagströmHagström, Johan Otto
(1716-1792). Swedish. Physician and
naturalist. Linnaeusís student. Linnaeus
wrote the introduction to his Pan
(1768), on bee-pollinated
flowers. He was one of the tutors of
Carl Linnaeus the Younger. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
has for many years been occupied in studying bees and from which flowers they collect honey or wax. He sent his work to the Royal Society in Stockholm, which published it in Swedish [Linnaeus refers to Pan apumHagström, Johan Otto Pan
apum, eller afhandling om de örter,
af hvilka bien hälst draga deras
honung och vax; ingifven til K.
Vetenskaps academien, såsom svar
på dess fråga,
(Stockholm, 1768)

Linnaeus will try to find Papilio Apollinis eggs.

Linnaeus cannot recall having received a letter from Burmanís father [Johannes BurmanBurman, Johannes (1707-1779).
Dutch. Botanist, professor of medicine
in Amsterdam. Close friend of Linnaeus.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] to which he has not replied. Last spring Linnaeus was ill and had to stay in bed for some months. Perhaps the letter was lost then.

Linnaeus asks Burman to tell Daniel BalguerieBalguerie, Daniel (1733-1788).
Swedish. Swedish agent in Amsterdam,
succeeded his father Pierre Balguerie.
that he has written to the Queen [Lovisa UlrikaLovisa Ulrika, (1720-1782).
Swedish. Queen of Sweden 1751-1771.
Married to Adolf Fredrik. Mother of
Gustav III. Sister of Fredric II of
Prussia. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] asking if she has received everything. He hopes to have the answer soon.

Next time Burman writes he must tell Linnaeus if his father is well, as Linnaeus cares very much for him and will do so as long as he lives.

Linnaeus has received the Peter Simon PallasPallas, Peter Simon
(1741-1811). German. Naturalist and
explorer. Pallas studied at the
universities of Göttingen and
Leiden. In 1768 he was called to Russia
to take part in an expedition to
Siberia, the aim of which was to study
the passage of Venus. Pallas remained in
Russia for the greater part of his life.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
dissertations [Linnaeus here refers to one of them, Elenchus zoophytorumPallas, Peter Simon Elenchus
zoophytorum sistens generum
adumbrationes [... ] et specierum [...]
descriptiones cum selectis auctorum
(The Hague, 1766).
], without knowing who sent them since no letter was enclosed. Now when he knows, he is very grateful to Burman. Linnaeus gives a list of all the dissertations published after the sixth part of his

Amoenitates academicaeLinnaeus, Carl Amoenitates
, I-X (Stockholm
1749-1790). Soulsby no. 1280.

Dissertatio botanico-medico sistens rariora NorwegiaeLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
botanico-medico sistens rariora
, diss., resp. H. Tonning
(Uppsala, 1768). Soulsby no. 2381.

Dissertationem academicum fundamenta ornithologica exhibituramLinnaeus, Carl Dissertationem
academicum fundamenta ornithologica
, diss., resp. A. P.
Bäckman (Uppsala, 1765). Soulsby
no. 2285.

Dissertatio medica sistens metamorphosin humanamLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
medica sistens metamorphosin
, diss., resp. J. A.
Wadström (Uppsala, 1767). Soulsby
no. 2372.

Dissertatio academica mundum invisibilem breviterLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
academica mundum invisibilem breviter
, diss., resp. J. C. Roos
(Uppsala, 1767). Soulsby no. 2348.

Dissertatio academica de usum muscorumLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
academica de usum muscorum
, diss.,
resp., A. Berlin (Uppsala, 1766).
Soulsby no. 2343.

Siren LacertinaLinnaeus, Carl Siren
Lacertina dissertatio academica
diss., resp. A. Österdam (Uppsala,
1766). Soulsby no. 2335.

Dissertatio academica demonstrans usum historiae naturalis in vita communiLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
academica demonstrans usum historiae
naturalis in vita communi
, diss.,
resp. M. Aphonin (Uppsala, 1766).
Soulsby no. 2329.

Dissertatio academica demonstrans necessitatem promovendae historiae naturalis in RossiaLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
academica demonstrans necessitatem
promovendae historiae naturalis in
, diss., resp. A. M.
Karamyschew (Upsala 1766). Soulsby no.

Dissertatio medica sistens purgantia indigenaLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
medica sistens purgantia indigena
diss., resp. P. Strandman (Uppsala,
1766). Soulsby no. 2318.

Hortus culinarisLinnaeus, Carl Hortus
, diss., resp. J. C.
Tengborg (Stockholm, 1764). Soulsby no.

Dissertatio medico-chirurgica de hirudineLinnaeus, Carl "Dissertatio
medico-chirurgica de hirudine",
diss., resp. D. Weser (Uppsala, 1764).
Soulsby no. 2281.

Fundamenta agrostographiaeLinnaeus, Carl Fundamenta
, diss., resp. H.
Gahn (Uppsala, 1767). Soulsby no. 2357.

Dissertatio medica de menthae usuLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
medica de menthae usu
, diss., resp.
C.G. Laurin (Uppsala, 1767). Soulsby no.

Opobalsamum declaratum in dissertatione medicaLinnaeus, Carl Opobalsamum
declaratum in dissertatione medica

diss., resp. W. Le Moine (Uppsala
[1764]). Soulsby no. 2277.

LepraLinnaeus, Carl Lepra,
diss., resp. I. Uddman (Uppsala, 1765).
Soulsby no. 2297.

Dissertatio medica inauguralis de potu chocolateLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
medica inauguralis de potu
, diss., resp. A. Hoffman
(Stockholm, 1765). Soulsby no. 2301.

Dissertatio diaetetica, in qua spriritus frumenti proponiturLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
diaetetica, in qua spriritus frumenti
, diss., resp. P. Bergius
(Uppsala, 1764). Soulsby no. 2266.

Potus fervidi [Circa fervidorum et gelidorum usum paraenesisLinnaeus, Carl Circa
fervidorum et gelidorum usum
, diss., resp. C. Ribe
(Uppsala, 1765). Soulsby no. 2289.

Fundamenta entomologiaeLinnaeus, Carl Fundamenta
, diss., resp. A. J.
Bladh (Uppsala, Uppsala1767). Soulsby
no. 2367.

Potus theaeLinnaeus, Carl Potus
, diss., resp. P. C. Tillaeus
(Uppsala, 1765). Soulsby no. 2310.

Dissertatio diaetetica in qua motus polychrestus delineaturLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
diaetetica in qua motus polychrestus
, diss., resp. C. lado
(Uppsala, 1763). Soulsby no. 2255.

Dissertatio diaetetica de diaeta per scalam aetatis humanae observandaLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
diaetetica de diaeta per scalam aetatis
humanae observanda
, diss., resp. D.
J. Öhrquist (Uppsala, 1764).
Soulsby no. 2273.

Dissertatio medicam de varietate ciborumLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
medicam de varietate ciborum
, diss.,
resp. A. F. Wedenberg (Uppsala, 1767).
Soulsby no. 2376.

Fructus esculentiLinnaeus, Carl Fructus
, diss., resp. J. Salberg
(Uppsala, 1763). Soulsby no. 2233.

Dissertatio de coloniis plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio de
coloniis plantarum
, diss., resp. J.
Flygare (Uppsala, 1768). Soulsby no.

Clavis medicinae duplexLinnaeus, Carl Clavis
medicinae duplex, exterior &
(Stockholm, 1766). Soulsby
no. 980.


a. original holograph (KVA, Linnť Burmannus, 0901-0904). [1] [2] [3] [4]


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