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Link: • Georg Dionysius Ehret to Carl Linnaeus, 18 February 1769 n.s.
Dated Febr. 18 1769.. Sent from London (Great Britain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in English.

Most Noble Sr.

The new species of Theobroma you gave a description of in your Syst. Nat. Vol: III[1] gave me the highest pleasure. This very extraordinary plant blew also for the first time in England, and at the very same period you mentioned in your account zizt: d. 12 of July 1768, at which time two large specimens of flowers with a number of Buds on each, were send me to my chambers, from which I examined and designed the whole Character, except the seedvessel, which was at that time not in perfection. The plant was in flower untill the end of october, in which time it produced a great many seedvessels, but the seeds in them were all immature. The fruit appeared to me to be in form of a winged Capsula angulata, quinquelobata, membranacea. This tree was ten feet high, and ramified itself into many alternate branches, each of them had a continued succession of flowers. The whole description you have given of this very curious plant agrees exactly with my characters and observations, and I hope you will be able by my account of the seedvessel to determine its Genus.

NB.I have given into the hands of Dr SolanderSolander, Daniel (1733-1782).
Swedish. Naturalist, explorer. Student
in Uppsala under Linnaeus and Johan
Gottschalk Wallerius. Went to London in
1760. Curator of natural history
collections at the British Museum.
Botanist on Cook’s first voyage
1768-1771. Joseph Bank’s librarian.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
in the Year 1762[2] a curious painting of the Tabermontana Amsonia, as also a sketch of the ellisia, designed with all their characters, which the Dr promisd me to send it to you, but having, since that time, heard nothing more of it I am afraid they come no in your hands!

I am Sr with the greatest respect
Your most obediant and most humble servant

G. D. Ehret

in Park street near Brook street
Grosvenor Square

[address] To / The Right Honourable / Charles von Linné / at Upsal / Sweden


Not yet available


a. original holograph (LS, III, 419). [1] [2]


Linnaeus, Systema naturaeLinnaeus, Carl Systema
, 12th edition (Stockholm
1766-1768). Soulsby no. 62.
. The letter is accompanied by a drawing of the Theobroma.
Georg Dionysios Ehret wrote about that to Linnaeus in 1762, 2 April 1762 n.s.Letter L3064; Linnaeus did receive the drawings, see Linnaeus to Ehret, March 1769 n.s.Letter L4191. Daniel Solander gave information of the Amsonia with an enclosed illustration in a letter to Linnaeus, 16 November 1761 n.s.Letter L2993, in Solander, Collected correspondenceSolander, Daniel Collected
correspondence 1753-1782
, eds. E.
Duyker & P. Tingbrand (Oslo,
Copenhagen & Stockholm 1995).
, 190-193, but without mentioning Ehret’s name in that context.