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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Nicolaus Joseph, baron von Jacquin, 14 March 1769 n.s.
Dated 1769 d. 14 Martii. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Wien (Austria). Written in Latin.


Linnaeus has been to see Anders Philip TidströmTidström, Anders Philip
(1723-1779). Swedish. Chemist and
metallurgist. Studied under Linnaeus.
University teacher of chemistry.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
and the samples of minerals, which he will send as soon as he gets daylight enough to make proper descriptions of them for Nicolaus Joseph von JacquinJacquin, Nicolaus Joseph, baron von
(1727-1817). Dutch. Botanist. In
1755 at the order of emperor Franz I of
Austria he went to the Antilles and
South America. In 1763 he became
professor of mineralogy and chemistry at
Chemnitz, later professor of botany at
Vienna and director of the botanical
garden at Schönbrunn. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.

Cleome gigantea is alive in the winter greenhouse, and Linnaeus hopes to see its flowers this summer.

Linnaeus sends more seeds and wants some in return, to facilitate his elder days. Especially, he asks for Loasa and Spigelia.



a. original holograph (UUB, G152g). [1] [2]