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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Carl Fredrik Mennander, 30 October 1769 n.s.
Dated 1769 d. 30. Octobr.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to ? (). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus writes to Carl Fredrik MennanderMennander, Carl Fredrik
(1712-1786). Swedish. Archbishop and
scientist. As bishop of Åbo he
promoted science. A new chair in
chemistry, a laboratory, a botanical
garden were founded at his initiative. A
close friend of Linnaeus. Husband of
Ulrica Mennander and Johanna Magdalena
Mennander. Father of Carl Fredric
Fredenheim. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
and tells him that he had had to spend two days at Ulriksdal during his limited visit to Stockholm and he regrets that he had no time to visit Mennander.

Linnaeus writes that he will collect seeds for Pehr KalmKalm, Pehr (1716-1779).
Swedish. Botanist and traveller,
professor of natural history at
Åbo. Disciple of Linnaeus.
Travelled in North America 1748-1751.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
only if Kalm is able to grow them. It was Kalm’s own fault that the seeds did not grow last spring and the same goes for the seeds sent this autumn.

Linnaeus writes that he will assist Monan [presumably Olof MontanMontan, Olof Swedish. Lawyer,
] as it is Mennander’s recommendation.

Linnaeus writes that, during his visit to Stockholm, he had intended to ask Mennander to write his biography in Latin, something which Linnaeus soon has to send to the French Academy [Académie royale des sciences, ParisAcadémie royale des sciences,
French. The French
Académie des sciences was founded
in 1666 and became a royal academy in
1699. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
; Linnaeus refers to the work about himself, later published by Richard PulteneyPulteney, Richard British. in A general view of the writings of Linnaeus Pulteney, Richard A general
view of the writings of Linnaeus, [---],
2nd ed.; with corrections, considerable
additions, and memoirs of the author, by
William George Maton, [---], to which is
annexed the diary of Linnaeus, written
by himself, and now translated into
English [---]
(London 1805). Soulsby
no. 2516.


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