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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Frederick Calvert, 6th Lord of Baltimore, 13 November 1769 n.s.
Dated 1769. Novemb: 13. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to (). Written in Latin.


Linnaeus has received a letter from Frederick Calvert, 6th Lord of BaltimoreBaltimore, Frederick Calvert, 6th
Lord of
(1731-1771). Irish. Peer.
Owner of the colony of Maryland. English
writer. Visited Linnaeus at Hammarby in
1769. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
[Lord Baltimore to Linnaeus, 20 October 1769Letter L4271] describing in a poetical way his journey [Linnaeus refers to the forthcoming Gaudia poeticaBaltimore, Frederick Calvert, 6th
Lord of
Gaudia poetica. Latina,
Anglica, et Gallica lingua composita,
Ao. 1769.
1770). Soulsby no. 2588.
] as far as Dresden. Linnaeus thanks him for it, and praises his style and the vivid description.

Linnaeus wishes Lord Baltimore a happy continuation of the trip and hopes to receive the continuation of these travel reports. Lord Baltimore is characterized by internal wisdom, not by his wealth. Linnaeus has read Lord Baltimore’s poems many times, and he is grateful and flattered by receiving them and to be one of Lord Baltimore’s friends.


a. contemporary copy (BL, Vol. LXII of Bishop Kennett´s Collections, Landsdowne Ms 996., 158). [1] [2]


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