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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Claes Ekeblad, 12 January 1770 n.s.
Dated 1770 d: 12 Januarii. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus praises God that enlightenment will return, complaining that for several years they had been sitting in the most enveloping darkness under the leadership of people who never promoted the sciences and that they had not known whether or not they could be regarded as humans. Now they could again see the light and with joy look upon their former numina who always favoured them and tried to promote the sciences, if Linnaeus dared to include himself among them [Linnaeus refers to the regaining of power by the Hat-party].

Linnaeus feels dizzy at the thought that Claes EkebladEkeblad, Claes (1708-1771).
Swedish. Count, councillor, chancellor
of Åbo University. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
, who had again placed himself on high and steered the state itself, and also our fates, should himself write to those who for some years hardly knew that they were human. Redeunt Saturnia Regna with its golden era, when “Tessiner, Gyllenborgar, Ekeblader, Höpkar, Schaefrar, Hårleman” [Linnaeus means Carl Gustaf TessinTessin, Carl Gustaf
(1695-1770). Swedish. Count, important
politician and patron of science and
art. He supported Swedish artists and
scientists and collected art, books and
natural history objects. He assisted
Linnaeus’s career in many ways. Married
to Lovisa Ulrica Tessin. Uncle to
Fredrik Sparre. Correspondent of
, Carl GyllenborgGyllenborg, Carl (1679-1746).
Swedish. Chancellor of Uppsala
University and Lund University. Chancery
President (Kanslipresident) at the
Swedish Government Offices (Kungliga
Kanslikollegium) in 1738. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
, Ekeblad, Anders Johan von HöpkenHöpken, Anders Johan von
(1712-1789). Swedish. Count and
statesman. One of the founders of the
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.The
Chancellor of the Uppsala University
1760-1764. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Carl Fredrik SchefferScheffer, Carl Fredrik
(1715-1786). Swedish. Count, diplomat,
politician and councillor. Tutor to the
Swedish crown prince Gustav. Influenced
by the physiocrats in France. Brother of
Ulrik Scheffer. Correspondent of
, Carl HårlemanHårleman, Carl
(1700-1753). Swedish. Nobleman,
architect, royal superintendent.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] etc., were favoured in every imaginable way, then it was fun to work and live.

Linneaus thanks Ekeblad for the rare seeds in a letter [sent through Ekeblad to Linnaeus, 11 January 1770Letter L4327] that was included in a package sent by Antonio TurraTurra, Antonio (1730-1796).
Italian. Botanist, mineralogist and
practicing physician at Vicenza.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
in Venice to Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala [Kungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i UppsalaKungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i
Swedish. The Royal
Society of Sciences at Uppsala was
founded in 1728.



a. original holograph (RA, Ekebladska samlingen, vol. E3562, fol. 247). [1] [2]


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