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Link: • Ernst Gottfried Baldinger to Carl Linnaeus, 28 April 1771 n.s.
Dated XXVIII April 1770. Sent from Jena (Germany) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Ernst Gottfried BaldingerBaldinger, Ernst Gottfried
(1738-1804). German. Professor of
medicine at Jena, later at Marburg.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
thanks Linnaeus for his letter [Linnaeus to Baldinger, 17 October 1770Letter L5399] and for the plants and seeds received. He has also received material from many other scholars, and he lists eight of them by name: Otto von MünchhausenMünchhausen, Otto von
(1716-1774). German. Chancellor of
Göttingen University. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
, Johann Gottlieb GleditschGleditsch, Johann Gottlieb
(1714-1786). German. Botanist and
sylviculturist in Berlin, disciple of
Anton Wilhelm Platz and Johann Ernst
Hebenstreit, supervisor of Caspar Bose’s
garden 1731-1735, professor at the
Collegium Medico-Chirurgicum in 1746.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Johann Philipp Du RoiDu Roi, Johann Philipp
(1741-1785). German. Physician and
, Rudolph Augustin VogelVogel, Rudolph Augustin
(1724-1775). German. Physician, and
botanist. Professor of medicine at
, Philipp Kaspar JunghansJunghans, Philipp Kaspar
(1738-1797). German. Professor of
botany, Halle.
, Jakob Reinhold SpielmannSpielmann, Jakob Reinhold
(1722-1783). German. Professor of
botany and medicine, Strassbourg.
, Johann Friedrich Carl GrimmGrimm, Johann Friedrich Carl
(1737-1821). German. Physician.
Personal physician to the duke of
Saxe-Gotha. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
and J. P. WolffWolff, J.P. German. . Baldinger will soon publish a catalogue of the Botanical Garden of Jena [Index plantarum horti et aegri JenensisBaldinger, Ernst Gottfried
Index plantarum horti et aegri
(Jena, 1773)
]. However, he mentions specially the Prince of Anhalt-Dessau, who has sent young specimens of trees growing in North America.

Baldinger is about to send Linnaeus the seeds that he wanted, but since seeds of indigenous plants have to be collected in nature, he has not yet brought all of them together. Baldinger has been emboldened by his success, since so many have given him so much, and he asks Linnaeus to send him dissertations and other publications from Uppsala. He will report them in Auszüge aus des neuesten DissertationenBaldinger, Ernst Gottfried
Auszüge aus des neuesten
Dissertationen über die Naturlehre,
Arzneiwissenschaft, und alle Theile
(Berlin & Stralsund,

Baldinger also asks for copies of dissertations published under other Uppsala professors – a list is enclosed – and of some German works that Linnaeus might have. It seems that Baldinger could not easily obtain them from elsewhere. Wolff is very busy in Schweinfurt and writes frequently to Baldinger. They will share their discoveries with Linnaeus in the future.


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