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Link: • Carl Fredrik Bergencrantz to Carl Linnaeus, 14 June 1770 n.s.
Dated 14 Juni 1770.. Sent from Stockholm (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


[A large part of the letter is missing. Only the last four pages have been handed down to us.]

Carl Fredrik BergencrantzBergencrantz, Carl Fredrik
(1726-1792). Swedish. Officer in the
Royal Westrobothnia regiment. Married
Linnaeusís eldest daughter Elisabeth
Christina in 1764. Correspondent of
is involved in a lawsuit and tells Linnaeus that he is about to make a fourth plea to the law court. He had some success during the first dayís session, but it will be necessary to continue in this way, since Faggot [presumably Jacob FaggotFaggot, Jacob (1699-1777).
Swedish. Initiated the redistribution of
land holdings in 1753, inspector of the
office of land-surveying. Secretary at
the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
1742-1744. Brother of Petter Faggot.
] is likely to write a memorial on his part.

When the minutes of the process are approved, Bergencrantz will not gain or lose anything more. Then he can go to his wife [Linnaeusís daughter, Elisabeth Christina LinnaeaBergencrantz, Elisabeth Christina
(1743-1782). Swedish. Daughter of
Carl Linnaeus and Sara Elisabet Linnaea.
Sister of Carl Linnaeus the Younger and
of Louisa, Sara Christina and Sophia
Linnaea. Married to Carl Fredrik
Bergencrantz.Mother of Sara Elisabeth
] who is impatient because Bergencrantz stays so long at the court.

If Bergencrantz had been less stubborn, he would have tired long ago. He looks for supporters and finds some, but he soon loses them, and must start again from the beginning.

Bergencrantz asks for advice on the fastest way to send letters to Linnaeus at Drottningholm, since he is keen to be able to contact Linnaeus there for urgent matters.

Bergencrantz also hopes that Linnaeus will not force him to go to Drottningholm before the lawsuit is over, for at present, Bergencrantz cannot afford the clothes and other things necessary for a visit to the palace.

Bergencrantz also asks to know when Linnaeus will go to Drottningholm.

Nobody wants to buy rye now that shipping has resumed after the winter. No deals are being made, but it is said that the price is 30 daler for rye and 24 daler for barley, which makes 27 daler on the average.


a. original holograph (LS, I, 528-529). [1] [2] [3]