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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Nicolaus Joseph, baron von Jacquin, 25 July 1770 n.s.
Dated 1770 Jul. 25. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Wien (Austria). Written in Latin.


Linnaeus reports that Anders Philip TidströmTidström, Anders Philip
(1723-1779). Swedish. Chemist and
metallurgist. Studied under Linnaeus.
University teacher of chemistry.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
had been to see him and given him a letter for Nicolaus Joseph von JacquinJacquin, Nicolaus Joseph, baron von
(1727-1817). Dutch. Botanist. In
1755 at the order of emperor Franz I of
Austria he went to the Antilles and
South America. In 1763 he became
professor of mineralogy and chemistry at
Chemnitz, later professor of botany at
Vienna and director of the botanical
garden at Schönbrunn. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
, which is enclosed. At the same time, he had shown Linnaeus a letter from his contact in Stockholm, reporting that the person responsible for ensuring the transport of the box of minerals had done his part. Tidström had also received the box from Jacquin. Linnaeus had not seen the beautiful samples himself, since he was still at his country estate.

Linnaeus makes some comments on Scabiosa, a picture of which Jacquin had sent; Linnaeus can not reach a definite decision since he does not have a work by Antonio BacciBacci, Antonio . ,available.

On Boerhavia, Linnaeus makes the comment that the variant Jacquin depicts is a species of its own.



a. original holograph (UUB, G152g). [1] [2]


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