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Link: • Ernst Gottfried Baldinger to Carl Linnaeus, 29 September 1770 n.s.
Dated XXIX. Sept. 1770. Sent from Jena (Germany) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Ernst Gottfried BaldingerBaldinger, Ernst Gottfried
(1738-1804). German. Professor of
medicine at Jena, later at Marburg.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
wants to make himself known to Linnaeus. He has just been appointed professor of botany at Jena, after the death of Karl Friedrich KaltschmidKaltschmid, Karl Friedrich
(1706-1769). German. Professor of
surgery, Jena.
, and he is the first professor in Jena to teach botany according to Linnaeusís system. Johan Andreas MurrayMurray, Johan Andreas
(1740-1791). Swedish. Professor of
medicine and botany, Göttingen. Son
of Andreas Murray and brother of Adolph
Murray and Gustaf Murray. Half-brother
of Johann Philipp Murray. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
already does that in Göttingen and Johann Christian Daniel von SchreberSchreber, Johann Christian Daniel von
(1737-1810). German. Physician
and botanist. Became doctor of medicine
at Uppsala under Linnaeus in 1760.
Professor of botany and director of the
botanical garden of Erlangen.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
in Erlangen. Now at last, Linnaeusís method has been accepted widely in Germany, and nobody cares any longer about criticism from Linnaeusís enemies. Baldinger offers Linnaeus a dissertation [Dissertatio de filicum seminibusBaldinger, Ernst Gottfried
Dissertatio de filicum seminibus,
diss., resp. J. P. Wolff (Jena, 1770).
] by J. P. WolffWolff, J.P. German. , a very able pupil of Baldinger. Wolff now lives in Schweinfurt in Franken, and in the letters coming to Baldinger there are many reports of rare plants growing there.

Baldinger also sends a work on how to teach botany [Ueber das Studium der BotanikBaldinger, Ernst Gottfried
Ueber das Studium der Botanik und die
Erlernung derselben
(Jena, 1770).
] and asks for Linnaeusís support and advice in his efforts to establish and expand a medical garden in Jena. He has received plants and seeds from the Archduchess [Anna Amalia af Sachsen-WeimarAnna Amalia af Sachsen-Weimar,
(1739-1807). German. Archduchess.
], Johann Friedrich Carl GrimmGrimm, Johann Friedrich Carl
(1737-1821). German. Physician.
Personal physician to the duke of
Saxe-Gotha. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Christian Gottlieb LudwigLudwig, Christian Gottlieb
(1709-1773). German. Physician.
Professor of medicine in Leipzig. One of
Linnaeusís early opponents.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
and he expects more. He hopes that Linnaeus can send him seeds from Sweden, both vernacular ones and such that grow in Linnaeusís garden. In exchange, Baldinger offers Linnaeus all the plants, or as many as possible, published by Heinrich Bernhard RuppeRuppe, Heinrich Bernhard
(1688-1719). German. Student of
medicine, botanist, author of the
Flora Jenensis (1718).
in Flora JenensisRuppe, Heinrich Bernhard
Flora Jenensis; sive Enumeratio
plantarum tam sponte circa Ienam, &
in locis vicinis nascentium, quam in
hortis obviarum, methodo conveniente in
classes distributa, figurisque rariorum
aeneis ornata; in usum botanophilorum
Jenensium ed. multisque edita

(Frankfurt & Leipzig 1718).
. Linnaeus should specify the ones he wants to acquire. Baldinger further asks for copies of publications from Linnaeus, including dissertations, which he promises to report in the Acta of the Jena Academy and in Auszüge aus des neuesten DissertationenBaldinger, Ernst Gottfried
Auszüge aus des neuesten
Dissertationen über die Naturlehre,
Arzneiwissenschaft, und alle Theile
(Berlin & Stralsund,
. Baldinger has also continued Friedrich BoernerísBoerner, Friedrich (1723-1761).
German. Physician at
Wolffenbüttel. Son-in-law of
Franciscus Ernst Brückmann.
work on the lives of famous scholars in medicine and natural history [Baldinger refers to the Nachrichten von den vornehmsten LebensumständenBoerner, Friedrich
Nachrichten von den vornehmsten
Lebensumständen und Schriften
jeztlebender berühmter Aerzte und
Naturforscher in und um Deutschland
[...] Erstes Zehend

(Wolffenbüttel 1749-1764).
], and a new issue is being printed [Biographie jetztlebender Aerzte und Naturforscher Baldinger, Ernst Gottfried
Biographie jetztlebender Aerzte und
(Jena, 1768-1771).


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