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Link: • Frédéric-Louis Allamand to Carl Linnaeus, 2 January 1771 n.s.
Dated 17 2/1 71. Sent from Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Frédéric AllamandAllamand,

(1736-1803). Swiss. Botanist, doctor of
medicine. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, thanks Linnaeus for his letter [3 November 1770Letter L1774] and is flattered that Linnaeus had praised his work so much. A small nod from Linnaeus would have been enough, but now he got much more.

Allamand has just started to formulate the characters and other information on the new or less known plants that Linnaeus had asked for in order to include them in his Mantissa which Allamand hopes will be ready shortly [Allamand refers to Mantissa plantarum altera, 2nd editionLinnaeus, Carl Mantissa
plantarum altera
(1766), 2nd ed.
(Stockholm 1771). Soulsby no. 312.
]. However, he will try to answer a few issues in this letter also.

Allamand then answers or comments on most of the species that Linnaeus had commented upon in his letter. Sometimes, the comment is just a confirmation of what Linnaeus has indicated, but sometimes, Allamand has an additional question.

Allamand follows the suggestion by Linnaeus to give the species Galarips the name Allamanda and he hopes that he will be able to send Linnaeus specimens of rare plants as a sign of his gratitude. For the time being, he just wishes Linnaeus a Happy New Year.

As a postscript, Allamand gives a character of a species Copsimus, which he had omitted from the work “Genera plantarum Americanarum”Linnaeus, Carl [the manuscript was never published].



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