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Link: • Frederick Calvert, 6th Lord of Baltimore to Carl Linnaeus, 10 March 1771 n.s.
Dated die decimo mensis Martis, 1771.. Sent from ? () to ? (). Written in Latin.


The geographical distance between Frederick Calvert, 6th Lord of BaltimoreBaltimore, Frederick Calvert, 6th
Lord of
(1731-1771). Irish. Peer.
Owner of the colony of Maryland. English
writer. Visited Linnaeus at Hammarby in
1769. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
and Linnaeus cannot disturb the friendship between them.

Baltimore thanks Linnaeus for his letter of 13 November 1770Letter L4296, and answers Linnaeusís question on Baltimoreís health in the negative: Baltimore feels weak, but he hopes that Linnaeus is well.

Linnaeus had asked for permission to dedicate the new edition of Mantissa plantarum altera 2nd ed.Linnaeus, Carl Mantissa
plantarum altera
(1766), 2nd ed.
(Stockholm 1771). Soulsby no. 312.
to Baltimore, and Baltimore accepts it and is deeply moved by this honour.

Baltimore is planning another publication [Lord Baltimore means presumably Coelestes et inferiBaltimore, Frederick Calvert, 6th
Lord of
Coelestes et inferi
[a poem, by F. Calvert] (Venice 1771).
, and he already has the texts ready but waits for the final design of several glyphs. He hopes to be able to send Linnaeus a copy in about six months.

Baltimore regrets that it is so cold in Scandinavia that he cannot go there and get another cure of Linnaeusís healthy influence on both body and soul.


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