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Link: • Frederick Calvert, 6th Lord of Baltimore to Carl Linnaeus, 6 June 1771 n.s.
Dated die 6to Junii 1771.. Sent from Venezia (Italia) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Frederick Calvert, 6th Lord of BaltimoreBaltimore, Frederick Calvert, 6th
Lord of
(1731-1771). Irish. Peer.
Owner of the colony of Maryland. English
writer. Visited Linnaeus at Hammarby in
1769. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has sent Linnaeus his work Coelestes et inferiBaltimore, Frederick Calvert, 6th
Lord of
Coelestes et inferi
[a poem, by F. Calvert] (Venice 1771).
both the edition in quarto and the second edition in octavo, the latter for the use of friends. Baltimore has also ordered another printing of the work dedicated to Linnaeus, and he is eagerly waiting to receive the work that Linnaeus had dedicated to him Lord Baltimore means, Mantissa plantarum altera 2nd ed.Linnaeus, Carl Mantissa
plantarum altera
(1766), 2nd ed.
(Stockholm 1771). Soulsby no. 312.

The atmosphere in Uppsala is calmer and more convenient for studies, while Baltimore feels the livelier and more heroic life in Italy.

P.S. Added on the envelope: Baltimore asks Linnaeus to send him a copy of “Scholion de morbis” that he was preparing when Baltimore visited him in Uppsala [it is unclear which work Baltimore refers to].


a. original holograph (LS, I, 322-323). [1] [2] [3]