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Link: • Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Carl Linnaeus, 21 September 1771 n.s.
Dated 21 7bre 1771.. Sent from Paris (France) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in French.


Jean Jacques RousseauRousseau, Jean-Jacques
(1712-1778). Swiss. Writer and
philosopher. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
pays his respects to Linnaeus. He considers himself to be a very ignorant but very zealous disciple. Meditating over Linnaeus’s writings makes him feel easier in his mind in the middle of a persecution which is all the more cruel as it is hidden. In the disguise of benevolence and friendship it conceals the most terrible hate that the hell ever aroused. Rousseau spends wonderful times taking rural walks alone with the nature and Linnaeus and he benefits more from Philosophia botanicaLinnaeus, Carl Philosophia
botanica, in qua explicantur fundamenta
botanica cum definitionibus partium,
(Stockholm 1751). Soulsby no.
than from all moral books. Rousseau is delighted to learn that he is not quite unknown to Linnaeus and that Linnaeus is willing to send some of his books to him. He assures Linnaeus that these books will be beloved, in particular because they come from Linnaeus himself. Rousseau has a small collection of fruits and grains. If Linnaeus has anything of this kind which he is going to throw away Rousseau asks Linnaeus to think of him. He will receive it with gratitude, the only thing he can do in return. Rousseau bids farewell asking Linnaeus to continue to open and explain the book of nature to people. He reads Linnaeus, studies him, meditates, honours and adores him with all his heart.


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