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Link: • Johan Otto Hagström to Carl Linnaeus, 20 October 1771 n.s.
Dated 1771 d. 20 Oct.. Sent from Linköping (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Johan Otto HagströmHagström, Johan Otto
(1716-1792). Swedish. Physician and
naturalist. Linnaeus’s student. Linnaeus
wrote the introduction to his Pan
(1768), on bee-pollinated
flowers. He was one of the tutors of
Carl Linnaeus the Younger. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
thanks Linnaeus for his letter of the 8 October 1771 [this letter has not come down to us]. He reports that during the summer he had visited Vadstena in order to see bees collecting from Fumaria bulbosa, where it grows abundantly. Hagström comments that it was curious that any bee appreciates Fumaria bulbosa when they also refuse to visit Fumariam officinalem, which grows like a weed in the gardens of Linköping. Hagström continues to tell Linnaeus his observations on various plants and their degrees of attraction to bees.

Hagström sends Linnaeus a drawing he has copied from Johann Leonhard FrischFrisch, Johann Leonhard
(1666-1743). German. High school rector
in Berlin.
Figura Frischii Tab. XVI, Vol. 8 Pediculus apis [Hagström refers to the Beschreibung von allerley Insecten in TeutschlandFrisch, Johann Leonhard
Beschreibung von allerley Insecten in
Teutschland, nebst nützlichen
Anmerckungen und nöthigen
Abbildungen von diesen kriechenden und
fliegenden inlandischen Gewürme
, 1-13 (Berlin 1720-1738).
]. He comments on the figure and the wrong size of the insect it represents, considering that Adam Gottlob SchirachSchirach, Adam Gottlob
(1724-1773). German. Vicar,
was closer to the truth [Hagström refers to the Sächsischer bienenvaterSchirach, Adam Gottlob
Sächsischer bienenvater, oder
des herrn Palteau von Metz neue bauart
hölzerner bienenstöcke, nebst
der kunst, die bienen zu warten, und
einer naturgeschichte dieser insekten :
Aus dem französischen
übersetzt : und als ein praktsches
bienen-buch, für bienenfruende und
hausväter hiesiger lande, mit
nützlichen enmerkungen und
vieljährigen neuen erfahrungen
(Leipzig & Zittau,
] and that René-Antoine Ferchault de RéaumurRéaumur, René-Antoine
Ferchault de
(1683-1757). French.
Physicist and naturalist. His works
cover geometry, technology, mineralogy,
ornithology. His collections of natural
history objects, mineralogy etc. were
given to the Académie des
sciences after his death. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
had published the clearest drawing.

Hagström has sent observations on the Siskin to the Inrikes Tidningar. The hen lays 4-5 eggs in each clutch, with four clutches each summer, when she is allowed to mate freely and build in the room in which she had been kept for a couple of years, flying in and out of a window kept slightly open. She had no access to clay but had built her nest out of fine blades of grass and grass panicles, building a new nest for each clutch. When the young are about 3-4 days old she mated again with a new admirer, to whom she is admitted in his cage.


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