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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Paul Dietrich Giseke, 20 December 1771 n.s.
Dated 1771. d. XX. Decembr.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to ? (). Written in Latin.


On the previous day Linnaeus received Paul Dietrich Gisekeís letter dated 3 DecemberLetter L4594.

Hans TislefTislef, Hans (1732-1788).
Danish. Botanist in Norway. Linnaeusís
student in 1771. Correspondent of
] and Peder Wilhelm EdingEding, Peder Wilhelm
(1746-1808). Danish. Student of
Linnaeus (private studies) in 1771.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, are still at Uppsala. Tislef has been sick, but he has now recovered.

Anders SparrmanSparrman, Anders (1748-1820).
Swedish. Naturalist, physician and
traveller. Disciple of Linnaeus. In 1765
he went on a voyage to China and in 1772
to the Cape of Good Hope, where he
served as a tutor. Later the same year,
Sparrman went on James Cook´s
second voyage as assistant naturalist to
Johann Reinhold Forster and his son
Johan Georg Adam Forster. After his
return to Sweden in 1776 he was
appointed keeper of the natural
historical collections of the Royal
Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1780. In
1787 he participated in an expedition to
West Africa. Practicing physician in
Stockholm. Author of several works, the
best known of which is his account of
his travels in South Africa and with
Cook. Son of Brita and Eric Sparrman.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
left eight days ago; the following day Linnaeus will forward Gisekeís letter of introduction to Sparrman in Gothenburg.

Linnaeus thinks often about Giseke and predicts a great future for him.

The very day Linnaeus will go to his mansion Hammarby to spend the holidays in honour of Christís birth.

Linnaeus is grateful for the book [Linnaeus means Otto Frederik MüllerísMüller, Otto Frederik
(1730-1784). Danish. Zoologist.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
Von Würmern des süssen und salzigen WassersMüller, Otto Frederik
Von Würmern des süssen und
salzigen Wassers, mit Kupfern

(Copenhagen, 1771).

If Linnaeus could, he would send Giseke his Mantissa [Linnaeus means his Mantissa plantarum altera, 2nd ed.Linnaeus, Carl Mantissa
plantarum altera
(1766), 2nd ed.
(Stockholm 1771). Soulsby no. 312.

Giseke must write to Linnaeus as soon as he has got his professorship.


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