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Link: • Ferdinando Bassi to Carl Linnaeus, 26 April 1771 n.s.
Dated Sexto Cal: Maji An:1771. Sent from Bologna (Italia) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Ferdinando BassiBassi, Ferdinando
(c.1710-1774). Italian. Director of the
botanical garden of Bologna.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has returned from a journey and sends an answer to a letter from Linnaeus [this letter has not come down to us].

Bassi comments on Apocynum guinense, about which there is some discussion since it is very similar to Cynanchus viminalis. Bassi has happened to collect new species of Salix and other genera in the Alps, and he has tried to consult Linnaeusís Flora LapponicaLinnaeus, Carl Flora
Lapponica exhibens plantas per Lapponiam
crescentes, secundum systema sexuale
collectas in itinere [...] Additis
synonymis, & locis natalibus omnium,
descriptionibus & figuris rariorum,
viribus medicatis & oeconomicis
(Amsterdam, 1737).
Soulsby no. 279.
and other works. He will send a specimen of the Salix to Linnaeus.

Bassi returns to the issue of the Bassia and relates its history once more. He frankly refuses to let the species be named after him. Bassi is waiting to hear Linnaeusís opinion on Psoralea and Betonica, of which he had sent seeds.

He has also read the character of Dalechampia, which he admired very much. The letter ends with a description and discussion of some new marine creatures. They are two worms with shells, and Nicola GualtieriGualtieri, Nicola (1688-1744).
Italian. Doctor of medicine, physician
at Pisa.
had formerly described something similar. Bassi attributes them to the genus Nautilus and not, as formerly, to Argonautae.


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