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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Johan Gustaf Wahlbom, 20 January 1772 n.s.
Dated 1772 d 20 januari. Sent from Hammarby (Sweden) to Kalmar (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus thanks Johan Gustaf WahlbomWahlbom, Johan Gustaf
(1724-1808). Swedish. Physician and
naturalist. Studied at Uppsala under
Linnaeus, anatomy, surgery and
obstretics at Wittenberg. Provincial
physician at Kalmar. Correspondent of
for his letter [this letter has not come down to us] and wishes Wahlbom a long and happy life.

Linnaeus has invited Wahlbom’s wife [Elisabeth Christina WahlbomWahlbom, Elisabeth Christina
(1736-18141). Swedish. Wife of Johan
Gustaf Wahlbom. Daughter of Magnus
Beronius, whose wife and children in
1760 were ennobled Björnstjerna.
] to visit him, but she has not come.

When Linnaeus received the Lappish plants from Wahlbom, he wrote their names and returned them to Wahlbom’s wife, with the addition of a couple of plants.

Linnaeus remembers the estate that Wahlbom has bought, named Weckleby, and he congratulates Wahlbom for having become its owner and also for the beauty of his wife.

Henrik Gahn Gahn, Henrik (1747-1816).
Swedish. Physician. Linnaeus’s student.
Founder of the Swedish Society of
Medical Sciences in 1807. Correspondent
of Linnaeus. Son of hans Jacob Gahn and
brother of Hans Jacob Gahn the Younger.
had had his dissertation [Dissertatio medica, de partu serotinoGahn, Henrik Dissertatio
medica, de partu serotino
, diss.,
pres. J. Sidrén (Uppsala, 1770).
] printed and wanted to have it discussed two weeks after Midsummer, when all the students were away. Linnaeus had refused, and the Chancellor, to whom he had appealed, also refused. Gahn is now in England and will be promoted in his absence, but the dissertation will never be discussed publicly. It is evident that his brother-in-law Schultzenheim [David Schulz von SchulzenheimSchulz von Schulzenheim, David
(1732-1823). Swedish. Physician.
Studied at Uppsala, where he attended
Linnaeus’s lectures. Went to England.
Together with Nils Rosén von
Rosenstein he introduced inoculation for
smallpox in Sweden. Correspondent of
] has written it.

Anders SparrmanSparrman, Anders (1748-1820).
Swedish. Naturalist, physician and
traveller. Disciple of Linnaeus. In 1765
he went on a voyage to China and in 1772
to the Cape of Good Hope, where he
served as a tutor. Later the same year,
Sparrman went on James Cook´s
second voyage as assistant naturalist to
Johann Reinhold Forster and his son
Johan Georg Adam Forster. After his
return to Sweden in 1776 he was
appointed keeper of the natural
historical collections of the Royal
Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1780. In
1787 he participated in an expedition to
West Africa. Practicing physician in
Stockholm. Author of several works, the
best known of which is his account of
his travels in South Africa and with
Cook. Son of Brita and Eric Sparrman.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Carl Peter ThunbergThunberg, Carl Peter
(1743-1828). Swedish. Botanist,
physician, explorer. Professor of
medicine and botany at Uppsala. Studied
medicine under Linnaeus in Uppsala,
medicine and surgery in Paris, natural
history under Johannes Burman in
Amsterdam. Travelled in South Africa in
1772-1775, in Japan 1775-1776, Java and
Ceylon in 1777-1778. Correspondent of
and Daniel SolanderSolander, Daniel (1733-1782).
Swedish. Naturalist, explorer. Student
in Uppsala under Linnaeus and Johan
Gottschalk Wallerius. Went to London in
1760. Curator of natural history
collections at the British Museum.
Botanist on Cook’s first voyage
1768-1771. Joseph Bank’s librarian.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
will meet this summer in the region of the Cape of Good Hope.

Johan Chilian Just von BergerBerger, Johan Chilian Just von
(1723-1791). German/Danish.
Physician-in-ordinary, Copenhagen.
in Copenhagen will be unhappy because of the Johann Friedrich StruenseeStruensee, Johann Friedrich
(1737-1772). German. Physician in
ordinary to the Danish King, Christian
VII. Appointed Privy Cabinet minister
in 1771. Condemned to death and
decapitated in 1772.
affair. Maybe Georg Christian von OederOeder, Georg Christian von
(1728-1791). German/Danish. Botanist
and economist. Studied under Albrecht
von Haller in Göttingen and became
professor of botany at Copenhagen.
Minister of finance for Norway. Started
the publishing of Flora Danica.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
will also suffer, since Struensee has favoured him.

Linnaeus has received several natural history specimens from all parts of the world, most of them from America.

The archbishop [Magnus Olai BeroniusBeronius, Magnus Olai
(1692-1775). Swedish. Professor of
theology, Uppsala. Bishop of Kalmar in
1745, archbishop in 1764.
] is well, but if his hernia can be cured, it will be a matter of days.


a. original holograph (KVA, Carl von Linnés arkiv). [1] [2] [3] [4]