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Link: • John Hill to Carl Linnaeus, 2 March 1772 n.s.
Dated March 2d 1772. Sent from London (Great Britain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in English.


John HillHill, John (1716-1775).
British. Pharmacist, physician and
supervisor of the botanical gardens at
Kew. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
greets Linnaeus. Hill had given Gerhard Gustaf Adam NolckenNolcken, Gerhard Gustaf Adam
(1733-1812). Swedish. Swedish envoy in
London 1764-1793.
, the Swedish Ambassador at the English Court, a set of his Vegetable System [Hill refers to his The Vegetable systemHill, John The Vegetable
system; or, a series of [... ]
observations tending to explain the
internal structure and the life of
plants, etc.
, 26 vol. (London,
to be sent to Linnaeus, which he promised to arrange. Hill had promised another set, if this was lost at sea. Hill had recently seen Nolcken and asked him about it, and Nolcken had admitted that he still had the books at his house and that he would send them by the first ship in spring. Hill hopes Linnaeus will receive them soon.

Hill is very eager to see any work of his quoted by Linnaeus in his works. Linnaeusís praise commands the rest of the learned world.

Hill wishes Linnaeus a long life, for he thinks there will never be one equal to Linnaeus.


a. original holograph (LS, VII, 30-31). [1] [2] [3]


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