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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Gabriel Forsberg, 2 June 1772 n.s.
Dated 1772 d. 2 junii. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Jönköping (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus writes to Gabriel ForsbergForsberg, Gabriel (1722-1788).
Swedish. Merchant at
Jönköping. Carl Peter
Thunberg’s stepfather.
that one of the brightest and most learned “Licentiates” is certainly Carl Peter ThunbergThunberg, Carl Peter
(1743-1828). Swedish. Botanist,
physician, explorer. Professor of
medicine and botany at Uppsala. Studied
medicine under Linnaeus in Uppsala,
medicine and surgery in Paris, natural
history under Johannes Burman in
Amsterdam. Travelled in South Africa in
1772-1775, in Japan 1775-1776, Java and
Ceylon in 1777-1778. Correspondent of
, who has passed all the exams required for a doctorate. Linnaeus had not wanted him to be passed over despite he will be far away and had spoken with his former patron, Gabriel RudaRuda, Gabriel (1759-1798).
Swedish. Treasurer at the Uppsala
University. Father-in-law of Carl Peter
, to support Thunberg’s work in return for several years as tutor to his children, but Ruda was in the miserable condition that he was insolvent. Linnaeus had asked Thunberg to write to Forsberg and describe this situation. The expenses for everything that concerned the promotion amount to 100 copper dalers, and then he had everything free, namely, the promotion fee, the programme, parchment, the charta sigillata costing 24 riksdalers, the printing of the patent and the Doctor’s letter, clocks, cursors, porters, guards, seal with velvet-lined box and ribbon, apart from all the small expenses.

Linnaeus writes that, on June 15th, God willing, Thunberg and his comrades will be appointed Doctors of Medicine, where Linnaeus himself will pay for the expenses; the money should be sent as a registered letter to Linnaeus.


a. original holograph (UUB, G300q, 489-490v).


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