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Link: • Andreas Berlin to Carl Linnaeus, 4 October 1772 n.s.
Dated 4 Octob. 1772. Sent from London (Great Britain) to (). Written in Swedish.


Joseph BanksBanks, Joseph (1743-1820).
British. Naturalist, president of the
Royal Society. Together with Daniel
Solander he took part in Cook’s first
voyage. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
and Daniel SolanderSolander, Daniel (1733-1782).
Swedish. Naturalist, explorer. Student
in Uppsala under Linnaeus and Johan
Gottschalk Wallerius. Went to London in
1760. Curator of natural history
collections at the British Museum.
Botanist on Cook’s first voyage
1768-1771. Joseph Bank’s librarian.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
will soon be expected back from Iceland. Berlin, however, did not go with them. He shall accompany a young English Gentleman to Africa to collect natural-history specimens. John FothergillFothergill, John (1712-1780).
British. Physician and collector of
natural history objects. Studied in
Holland, France and Germany. His cabinet
of zoological and mineralogical
specimens as well as his botanical
garden at Upton were well known.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
is a well-known practitioner and is one of the gentlemen, who shall pay for the voyage. William PitcairnPitcairn, William (1711-1791).
British. Physician.
has also been generous towards Berlin, someting he thinks depneds of Fothergill’s opinion of Berlin. If Berlin can not get the costs for the expedition covered, he shall return to Sweden.

Linnaeus’s letter to John MillerMiller, John (1715-1780).
German. Painter and engraver. Moved to
London in 1744. Published Illustratio
systematis sexualis Linnaei
has made a good impression, and Linnaeus can be certain that Miller will send him samples of all new species found. KnightKnight, British. Librarian at
the British Museum.
, at whom Berlin is staying, has read through his work and the descriptions.

Miller’s two sons [Berlin means the sons of Phlip MillerMiller, Philip (1691-1771).
British. Gardener of the Chelsea Physic
Garden. Corresponded with many
botanists. His rich herbarium was sold
to Joseph Banks. Correspondent of
] are with Banks and Solander, and have been engaged for the South Sea voyage.

Finally, Berlin hopes that his good health will follow him to Africa.

P.S. Berlin presumes that Linnaeus would not mind the enclosure of a letter to the Curator of the Undergraduates’ Association, as that probably will be the safest way to send his, maybe last, letter to his parents. Berlin hopes that Linnaeus doesn’t mind that Berlin, on the request of Miller, translated his letter. The next time Linnaeus writes to Miller, Berlin wishes that Linnaeus should give an opinion on Miller’s Ficus and Cucumis, which he intends to put under Momordica. If Miller had had more time, Linnaeus would have received a beautiful sketch of Dionea muscipula.


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