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Link: • Ernst Albrecht von Bertouch to Carl Linnaeus, 27 December 1772 n.s.
Dated 27 mens. Decembris 1772. Sent from Stockholm (Sweden) to (). Written in Latin.


When Ernst Albrecht von BertouchBertouch, Ernst Albrecht von
(1745-1815). Danish. Genealogist,
secretary at the Danish embassy in
Stockholm. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
was about to leave for Stockholm in November 1772, Johan Christian FabriciusFabricius, Johan Christian
(1745-1808). Danish. Professor of
economy and natural history in
Copenhagen. Linnaeus’s pupil 1762-1764.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
had given him a letter with some material in an attached parcel, which he was to hand over to Linnaeus [Fabricius to Linnaeus, 22 October 1772Letter L4742]. However, Bertouch had not had an opportunity to fulfil that errand, and he is ashamed that he was so negligent at that time.

As Bertouch can see no real opportunity to do as Fabricius wanted now, he does not dare to keep the letter any longer but sends it by ordinary mail, with this explaining letter as a cover. The parcel is still with Bertouch, who will keep it in good custody until Linnaeus has told him who can take care of it on his behalf.

Bertouch hopes he will have an opportunity to go to Uppsala and see Linnaeus.


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