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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Nicolaus Joseph, baron von Jacquin, February? 1773 n.s.
Dated . Sent from () to Wien (Austria). Written in Latin.


Linnaeus answers letters (2 October 1772Letter L4752 and January 1773Letter L5438) from Nicolaus Joseph von JacquinJacquin, Nicolaus Joseph, baron von
(1727-1817). Dutch. Botanist. In
1755 at the order of emperor Franz I of
Austria he went to the Antilles and
South America. In 1763 he became
professor of mineralogy and chemistry at
Chemnitz, later professor of botany at
Vienna and director of the botanical
garden at Schönbrunn. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.

Jacquin had sent two plates of Veronica, and the second of those is new to Linnaeus. The first is Veronica Austriaca, but the leaves are not quite the same.

The Sida Jacquin wondered about is Sida spinosa, and the Galium is Galium uliginosum.

The Salsola Jacquin sent is the one that Linnaeus names Anabasis tamariscifolia.

The specimens of the Sinapis species Jacquin had asked about are no longer alive in Linnaeusís garden (Linnaeus refers to the Uppsala University Botanical Garden), due to negligence from the staff.

A fungus sent by Jacquin seems to be Agaricus campanulatus. However, Linnaeus wants Jacquin to put aside the fungi for the time being, since they vary more than anything else. When Linnaeus has time to devote himself entirely to them, Jacquin can return to that kind of plant.



a. original holograph (UUB, G152g). [1] [2]


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