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Link: • Johan Otto Hagström to Carl Linnaeus, 15 March 1773 n.s.
Dated 1773 den 15 Martii. Sent from LinkŲping (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Johan Otto HagströmHagström, Johan Otto
(1716-1792). Swedish. Physician and
naturalist. Linnaeusís student. Linnaeus
wrote the introduction to his Pan
(1768), on bee-pollinated
flowers. He was one of the tutors of
Carl Linnaeus the Younger. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
thanks Linnaeus for his letter of the 5 March 1773 [this letter has not come down to us], and for the information that the insect he enquired about was in fact Pediculus apis [see Hagström to Linnaeus, 4 January 1773Letter L4788].

Hagström has once again been confirmed in his belief regarding the effect of some remedy on dysentery, having treated two patients so severely afflicted that their faeces were full of blood. Hagström gave them two doses of powder to be taken once daily on a spoon together with a warm beverage. Already after the first powder their condition had improved.

The late Johan Adolf NordenflychtNordenflycht, Johan Adolf
(1737-1768). Swedish. Lieutenant.
, writes Hagström, had a live marten, Mustela martes, that Hagström often observed. Among other characteristics, the marten slept deeply. Huntsmen had told Hagström that, indeed, they could come across martens sleeping in the forest and could approach quite close without waking them.

Linnaeusís publisher, Lars SalviusSalvius, Lars (1706-1773).
Swedish. Printer, bookseller, publisher.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, has died and Hagström urges Linnaeus now to print third editions of Flora Svecica 2nd ed.Linnaeus, Carl Flora Svecica
: exhibens plantas per regnum Sveciae
crescentes, systematice cum differentiis
specierum, synonymis autorum, nominibus
incolarum, solo locorum, usu
oeconomorum, officinalibus
2nd ed. (Stockholm
1755). Soulsby no. 409.
and Fauna Svecica, 2nd editionLinnaeus, Carl Fauna Svecica
sistens animalia Sveciae regni:
quadrupedia, aves, amphibia, pisces,
insecta, vermes, distributa per classes
& ordines, genera & species. Cum
differentiis specierum, synonymis
autorum, nominibus incolarum, locis
habitationum, descriptionibus
insectorum, 2nd edition
1761). Soulsby no. 1153.
[there were no third editions of these works]. Salvius had profited to 100 percent on these books and thus another printer might also do the same.

Spring is arriving. Hagström is amused by Anders SparrmanSparrman, Anders (1748-1820).
Swedish. Naturalist, physician and
traveller. Disciple of Linnaeus. In 1765
he went on a voyage to China and in 1772
to the Cape of Good Hope, where he
served as a tutor. Later the same year,
Sparrman went on James Cook´s
second voyage as assistant naturalist to
Johann Reinhold Forster and his son
Johan Georg Adam Forster. After his
return to Sweden in 1776 he was
appointed keeper of the natural
historical collections of the Royal
Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1780. In
1787 he participated in an expedition to
West Africa. Practicing physician in
Stockholm. Author of several works, the
best known of which is his account of
his travels in South Africa and with
Cook. Son of Brita and Eric Sparrman.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Dissertatio academica sistens iter in ChinamLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
academica sistens iter in Chinam
diss. Resp. A. Sparrman (Uppsala, 1769).
Soulsby no. 2393.
, as well as any other dissertation in the Amoenitates academicaeLinnaeus, Carl Amoenitates
, I-X (Stockholm
1749-1790). Soulsby no. 1280.

P.S. Hagström urges that the School curriculum should be reformed at all secondary schools. Teaching in natural history was now dormant at the secondary school in Linköping; nobody was reading the subject. Hagström suggests that Linnaeus should work through Ulrik SchefferScheffer, Ulrik (1716-1799).
Swedish. Count, army officer, diplomat
and politician. Brother of Carl Fredrik
Scheffer. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
to come into contact with the teachers at the schools. It was up to the King [Gustav IIIGustav III, (1746-1792).
Swedish. Reigned 1771-1792. Son of King
Adolf Fredrik and Queen Lovisa Ulrika,
brother of Sofia Albertina and Karl
XIII. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] to order reform.


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