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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Carl Peter Thunberg, 17 June 1773 n.s.
Dated 1773 d. 17 junii. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


The previous year, Linnaeus wrote to Carl Peter ThunbergThunberg, Carl Peter
(1743-1828). Swedish. Botanist,
physician, explorer. Professor of
medicine and botany at Uppsala. Studied
medicine under Linnaeus in Uppsala,
medicine and surgery in Paris, natural
history under Johannes Burman in
Amsterdam. Travelled in South Africa in
1772-1775, in Japan 1775-1776, Java and
Ceylon in 1777-1778. Correspondent of
and thanked him for the beautiful plants, but as the delivery of letters is so unreliable he now renews these thanks.

Linnaeus praises the excellent examples of the very rare Oxalides and Hypoxides. Linnaeus wants to know to which genus Thunberg wants to give his name. His Galaxia must be renamed. Montina will be the name of a certain tree. Linnaeus thanks Thunberg for all the insects he has sent.

Linnaeus informs Thunberg about the changes in the personnel of the University of Uppsala and mentions the following professors: Suedelius [Pehr SvedeliusSvedelius, Pehr (1732-1805).
Swedish. Professor of poetry, Uppsala.
] has succeeded Carl AurivilliusAurivillius, Carl (1717-1786).
Swedish. Professor of Oriental
languages, Uppsala. Correspondent of
who succeeded Erik HesselgrenHesselgren, Erik (1715-1803).
Swedish. Professor of oriental
languages, and theology, Uppsala.
. Fredrik MalletMallet, Fredrik (1728-1797).
Swedish. Astronomer and mathematician,
professor of mathematics, Uppsala.
has succeeded Mellercreutz [Jonas MeldercreutzMeldercreutz, Jonas
(1715-1785). Swedish. Professor of
mathematics, Uppsala.
], who has taken leave from his professorship. Berchen [Christer BerchBerch, Christer (1735-1792).
Swedish. Professor of economics,
] has succeeded Henrik FrosterusFrosterus, Henrik (1727-1772).
Swedish. Professor logices &
metaphysices, thereafter professor of
law etc.
. Gustaf Anton BoudrieBoudrie, Gustaf Anton (d.
1788). Swedish. Academy secretary at
the University of Uppsala.
and Lars Johan PalmbergPalmberg, Lars Johan
(1713-1804). Swedish. Professor of
theology, and dean, Uppsala.
have both received the title of professor. Johan Georg CollianderColliander, Johan Georg
(1728-1796). Swedish. Provincial
physician to the county of Kronobergs,
logices et physices lector in
became only magister. Carl LallermanLallerman, Carl (1705-1772).
Swedish. Vicar of Hallaryd.
, vicar of Hallaryd has died, and so has Erik HalleniusHallenius, Erik (1709-1772).
Swedish. Vicar of Tierp.

Is it true that Anders SparrmanSparrman, Anders (1748-1820).
Swedish. Naturalist, physician and
traveller. Disciple of Linnaeus. In 1765
he went on a voyage to China and in 1772
to the Cape of Good Hope, where he
served as a tutor. Later the same year,
Sparrman went on James Cook´s
second voyage as assistant naturalist to
Johann Reinhold Forster and his son
Johan Georg Adam Forster. After his
return to Sweden in 1776 he was
appointed keeper of the natural
historical collections of the Royal
Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1780. In
1787 he participated in an expedition to
West Africa. Practicing physician in
Stockholm. Author of several works, the
best known of which is his account of
his travels in South Africa and with
Cook. Son of Brita and Eric Sparrman.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has accompanied Johann Reinhold ForsterForster, Johann Reinhold
(1729-1798). German. Naturalist and
voyager. Visited St Petersburg, Moscow,
Saratov and Constantinople before he
went to England. In 1772 he took part in
Cook’s second voyage. Moved to Halle in
1780 to become director of the botanical
garden. Father of Johan Georg Adam
Forster. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
to the South Pole?

Linnaeus wants to be informed about Thunberg’s itinerary. He hopes to live until Thunberg returns so he can witness his laurels and triumph. Georg Claes SchröderSchröder, Georg Claes
(1713-1773). Swedish. Bishop of
Karlstad diocese.
has died and has been succeeded by the vicar of the Storkyrkan congregation in Stockholm [Daniel HerweghrHerweghr, Daniel (1720-1787).
Swedish. Vicar of the Storkyrkan
congregation in Stockholm. Bishop of
Karlstad diocese in 1773.
]. Linnaeus sends his regards to “beautiful Flora capensis”.


a. original holograph (UUB, G300, 476-477). [1] [2]


1. Collectio epistolarum (1792), p. 81-82 .