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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Nicolaus Joseph, baron von Jacquin, June? 1773 n.s.
Dated . Sent from () to Wien (Austria). Written in Latin.


Doronicum has begun to flower in the garden, from seeds sent by Nicolaus Joseph von JacquinJacquin, Nicolaus Joseph, baron von
(1727-1817). Dutch. Botanist. In
1755 at the order of emperor Franz I of
Austria he went to the Antilles and
South America. In 1763 he became
professor of mineralogy and chemistry at
Chemnitz, later professor of botany at
Vienna and director of the botanical
garden at Schönbrunn. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
. Linnaeus compares it to an Arnica from the form of the flower.

Solidago alpina is so different sown indoors in a pot and outdoors in free soil that they can be taken as different species. Linnaeus has witnessed the development himself.

Of Isopyrum thalictroides, Linnaeus wants a full specimen, if Jacquin can not send seeds. Linnaeusís dry specimen is not sufficient.

Linnaeus asks for seeds of Horminum Pyrenaicum and encloses a specimen of the Veronica Jacquin had wanted.

Linnaeus had written rather briefly, since he was preoccupied by the illness of his colleague Nils Rosén von RosénsteinRosén von Rosenstein, Nils
(1706-1773). Swedish. Physician
and professor of medicine. Colleague of
Linnaeus at Uppsala. The founder of
modern pediatrics. Correspondent of



a. original holograph (UUB, G152g). [1] [2]