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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Domenico Vandelli, 24 July 1773 n.s.
Dated 1773. d. 24. Julii.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to (). Written in Latin.


Linnaeus has received Domenico VandelliísVandelli, Domenico (1735-1816).
Italian. Physician and botanist. Left
for Portugal in 1764, where he was a
professor at the university of Coimbra.
He was the founder of Ajuda botanical
garden in Lisboa and of the Coimbra
botanical garden, where he was also the
first director (1773-1791).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
letter of 17 May 1773Letter L4841 and is very pleased at what he read there. He has told the Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala [Kungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i UppsalaKungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i
Swedish. The Royal
Society of Sciences at Uppsala was
founded in 1728.
] what Sebastião de Melo, marquis of PombalMelo, Sebastião de
(1699-1782). Portuguese. Statesman,
Prime Minister to King Joseph I of
Portugal, responsible for radical
educational and financial reforms.
had done as to the reformed University of Coimbra, and they all had wished them good luck.

Linnaeus wonders how the flora project progresses [Linnaeus refers to Vandellis work with the Florae lusitanicae et brasiliensis specimenVandelli, Domenico Florae
lusitanicae et brasiliensis specimen et
epistolae ab eruditis viris Carolo a
Linné, Antonio De Haen ad
Dominicum Vandelli scriptae
]. Linnaeus has three plants in his garden, which always remind him of it.

Linnaeus mentions that Cycas and Zamia in reality are Silices and not Palmae, as everybody has thought.


1. Florae lusitanicae et brasiliensis specimen (1788), p. 90 .