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Link: • Jean Demeste to Carl Linnaeus, 15 September 1773 n.s.
Dated 15 septembris 1773. Sent from Roma (Italia) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Jean DemesteDemeste, Jean (1744-1783).
Belgian. Chemist and military physician,
Liège. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
sends to Linnaeus a number of descriptions, more or less complete, of eight species of animals and plants.

The alauda is common in Rome in autumn, so Demeste can send Linnaeus an embalmed specimen if Linnaeus wants.

Another alauda in Italian called Calandra marina, causes Demeste some difficulty, since he was not sure if it is a variety or not. It is somewhat different in colour.

The third specimen is a turdus.

The fourth is a fringilla. It is described in rather great detail, especially its colours. It is dark brown with a red beak, about as large as a canary. Demeste had once had a dead specimen in Brazil, in a very bad state but presumably a male. He had seen the female kind only once.

The fifth specimen is a Mutilla, unlike the European one or just a variety? Demeste is not sure.

The sixth specimen is an Arbutus, and Demeste comments on some peculiarities in its anatomy.

The seventh specimen is a Vitex occurring in Rome and flowering in June and July. However, Demeste has never seen its fruits. Demeste gives a full description according to Linnaeusís system.

As the eighth, Demeste gives a comment on two varieties of Aira occurring together in the fields. Their differences, and their similarities, are described.

The ninth and last is a lichen, Leprosus albicans tuberculis concoloribus. Demeste gives details on its habitat and what it looks like in the field.


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