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Link: • John Hill to Carl Linnaeus, 1 March 1774 n.s.
Dated 10ede Mars 17724. Sent from London (Great Britain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in French.


John HillHill, John (1716-1775).
British. Pharmacist, physician and
supervisor of the botanical gardens at
Kew. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has not sent Linnaeus any continuation of his The Vegetable systemHill, John The Vegetable
system; or, a series of [... ]
observations tending to explain the
internal structure and the life of
plants, etc.
, 26 vol. (London,
for a long time. As soon as the season permits, he will send Linnaeus the missing volumes. The number of volumes is now 23, and the work will be finished by two or three more with a general index.

Hill wants to know about new editions of Linnaeusís works.

Hill also mentions a new edition of Hortus Malabaricus, after Linnaeusís system, and it will supersede the old edition in folio [Hill refers to Horti Malabarici pars primaRheede van Draakestein, Hendrik
Adriaan van
Horti Malabarici
pars prima, de varii generis arboribus
et fruticibus siliquosis [...] adjecta
florum, fructuum, seminumque [...]
delineatione, colorum viriumque [...]
descriptione, adornata per [...] H. van
R. tot D. [...] et T. Janson ab
Almeloveen; [...] notis auxit, et
commentariis illustravit J. Commelinus.
Nunc primum classium, generum, et
specierum characteres Linnaeanas;
synonyma authorum, atque observationes
addidit, et indice Linnaeano
, 2nd ed. , edited and
annotated by John Hill (London, 1774).
]. Hill wants Linnaeus to spread information about this, and he attaches a copy of the public announcement [fol. 36].

Hill has a considerable exchange of books with other persons and institutions, and he would like to do the same also with Linnaeus. He gives Linnaeus a list of his works for this purpose.

Hill wants information about three scholars, namely Giovanni Francesco MarattiMaratti, Giovanni Francesco
(-1777). Italian. Professor of botany,
, Johann AppelAppel, Johann (1640-1726).
German. Author of mineralogical works.
and Collini [presumably Côme Alexandre ColliniCollini, Côme Alexandre
(1727-1806). Italian. Voltaire´s
secretary. Author of a work describing
plants and minerals.
]. He is interested in establishing contact with them.

Hill is eager to continue this exchange of letters with Linnaeus and finishes the letter by stating his deep respect.


a. original holograph (LS, VII, 34-36v). [1] [2]


1. The Letters and Papers of Sir John Hill (1982), p. 178-179 .