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Link: • Carl Johan Brag to Carl Linnaeus, 26 October 1774 n.s.
Dated 26 Octobris, 1774. Sent from Göteborg (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Carl Johan BragBrag, Carl Johan (1735-1781).
Swedish. Clergyman in Gothenburg.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
reminds Linnaeus of the time18 years ago when he was Linnaeus’s student in Uppsala. Now he writes to Linnaeus to discuss the new tabular system of diseases used by the clergymen [Brag refers to the continuos compilation of tables on a national level, the so called “Tabellverket”, initiating the systematic production of population data, collected by the clergymen, and from 1755 organized by the Tabellkommission. The information collected was to include not only the number of births and deaths but also the causes of death. In 1774 a new revised version of the Table II, the cause-of-death table, was released]. He also asks for some advice. Brag writes that he has been in charge of the first edition of this tabular system for ten years. He writes that he is now afraid that the new second edition might be too difficult to understand for many clergymen, as many of them lack knowledge of many of the illnesses. Brag gives several examples of difficulties of telling the difference between different kinds of illnesses, for example how does children’s cancer differ from adult cancer?

Brag writes that he himself might be able to read the new system as he owns Linnaeus’s and other authors’ medical dictionaries, but most clergymen do not have access to such tools.

Brag writes that if the tables are to be of use all the descriptions must be clear and understandable.

Brag kindly asks Linnaeus to ask some knowledgeable person to write a medical thesis in Latin explaining all different illnesses. He also writes that all the principle churches should own such a medical thesis and they should also be available for purchase.


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