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Link: • Johan Jacob Ferber to Carl Linnaeus, 23 October 1774 n.s.
Dated 23 Octobr. 1774. Sent from Karlskrona (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Johan Jakob FerberFerber, Johan Jacob
(1743-1790). Swedish. Professor of
chemistry at Mitau, of mineralogy at St
Petersburg. Superintendent of the board
of mines, Berlin. Correspondent of
thanks Linnaeus for the letter of 23 August 1774 [this letter has not come down to us]. Ferber continues by relating that he has been asked by the Duke of Curland to lecture at the Mitau school for the Curland nobility on the subject of Linnaeus and the wonders of Nature. Ferber is on the point of leaving and hopes that Linnaeus would write a few lines to him, which should be addressed to Ferberís father, Johan Eberhard FerberFerber, Johan Eberhard
(1678-1761). Swedish. Pharmacist and
physician in Karlskrona and at the spa
of Ronneby. He kept a botanical garden
and was a collector of natural history
specimens. Father of Johan Jacob Ferber.
in Karlscrona for forwarding on.

Ferber also encloses a small piece sent to him by Carlo AllioniAllioni, Carlo (1725-1804).
Italian. Professor of botany, Turin.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
in Turin.

Ferber finds it unbelievable that his letter from Regensburg, the one in which the letter from the Secretary of the Academy of Sciences in Siena, Domenico BartaloniBartaloni, Domenico
(1726-1798). Italian. Secretary at the
Accademia della scienza in Siena.
, was enclosed, had not arrived. Nonetheless, there can be no doubt that the Academy in Siena had honoured itself by admitting Linnaeus as member. In a letter he received from the Academy, Ferber had noted that none of the members had yet received a Diploma.

In closing, Ferber thanks Linnaeus for the promise concerning plants from the Cape of Good Hope, and hopes that the promise will soon be fulfilled.



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