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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Nicolaus Joseph, baron von Jacquin, 16 February 1775 n.s.
Dated 1775 d. 16 Febr.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Wien (Austria). Written in Latin.


Linnaeus had received Nicolaus Joseph von Jacquin’sJacquin, Nicolaus Joseph, baron von
(1727-1817). Dutch. Botanist. In
1755 at the order of emperor Franz I of
Austria he went to the Antilles and
South America. In 1763 he became
professor of mineralogy and chemistry at
Chemnitz, later professor of botany at
Vienna and director of the botanical
garden at Schönbrunn. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
letter of 9 October 1774 (this letter has not come down to us) on the previous day, the letter having taken a remarkably long time to arrive. He lists his names for about ten plates received.

Before sending the letter, he also got a letter from Jacquin dated 25 January 1775 (this letter has not come down to us). In answer to that, ten more plates are treated, among them Juncus Jacquini, on which Linnaeus welcomes the plate but asks about some small details in the picture, not explained in the accompanying text.



a. original holograph (UUB, G152g). [1] [2]


1. Caroli Linnaei epistolae ad Nicolaum Josephum Jacquin (1841), p. 145-146   p.145  p.146.