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Link: • Johan Jacob Ferber to Carl Linnaeus, 23 November 1775 n.s.
Dated 23 Novembr. 1775. Sent from Mitau (Latvia) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Johan Jakob FerberFerber, Johan Jacob
(1743-1790). Swedish. Professor of
chemistry at Mitau, of mineralogy at St
Petersburg. Superintendent of the board
of mines, Berlin. Correspondent of
expresses his deep respect for Linnaeus, and tells him that he is sending him a book written by Ferberís friend in Florence, Giovanni Targioni-TozzettiTargioni-Tozzetti, Giovanni
(1712-1783). Italian. Naturalist and
physician, associate of Pietro Antonio
Micheli. Father of Ottaviano
Targioni-Tozzetti.Uncle of Antonio
, entitled Racolta di osservationi medicheTargioni-Tozzetti, Giovanni
Racolta di osservationi mediche
(Florence 1751).
. However, the time of year has meant that the book had to be sent to Hamburg together with Ferberís other belongings.

Ferber reports that the place in which he is living has little of interest. Ferber occupies himself with preparing his lectures as well as a couple of mineralogical reports that he plans to print and later sent to Linnaeus. Among Ferberís most enjoyable pastimes is to prepare a ĒPhysiologia PlantarumĒ in accordance with Linnaeusís numerous guidelines and discoveries in that interesting subject.

During the previous summer Ferber found himself forced to print a refutation concerning an obstinate fellow who had expressed some stupidities relating to the dissertation on Qvassia.[Ferber refers to Dissertatio botanico-medica, sistens lignum quassiaeLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio
botanico-medica, sistens lignum
, diss. resp. C.M. Blom
(Uppsala [1763] ). Soulsby no. 2239.
]. Ferber asserts that as long as he lives he will not tolerate any unjustified stupidity concerning his teacherís work, particularly in a country where he is living and where he can repay such persons in kind.



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