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Link: • Morten Thrane Brünnich to Carl Linnaeus, 10 April 1776 n.s.
Dated 10 Aprilis 1776. Sent from () to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Morten Thrane BrünnichBrünnich, Morten Thrane
(1737-1827). Danish. Professor of
natural history, Copenhagen. Later
employed by the Danish mining department
in Norway. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
admits that their exchange of letters has been interrupted for some years. He has been working in Kongsberg for three years. He is not sure if he has sent an answer to the latest letter from Linnaeus, dated in the end of 1772. Brünnich is now back from Norway, he has got married, and he has arranged his collections. This winter, he has given lectures in mineralogy and metallurgy. A pupil of his, Hofgaard, is leaving to go to Uppsala and learn more from Linnaeus, so Brünnich sends this letter with a greeting of his own. He hopes that Linnaeus still has a long life ahead of him.

Brünnich had made some excursions around Kongsberg during the spring of last year. He had gathered a large number of plants, and he sends Linnaeus a dried specimen of one of them, Arenaria tetragynia, and he also gives a short characteristic of the species.

P. S. Linnaeus will soon be able to see a report of Ignaz von Born’sBorn, Ignaz von (1741-1791).
Austrian. Imperial counsellor of mines,
Vienna. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
journey through Hungary and Transylvania [presumably Briefe über mineralogische GegenständeBorn, Ignaz von Briefe
über mineralogische
Gegenstände auf seiner Reiser durch
das Temeswarer Bannat,
Siebenbürgen, Over- und
(Frankfurt &
Leipzig, 1774).
]. This summer, Brünnich will arrange Adam Gottlob Moltke’sMoltke, Adam Gottlob
(1710-1792). Danish. High court
official at Frederik V, statesman and


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