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Link: • Pieter Boddaert to Carl Linnaeus, October-December? 1771 n.s.
Dated . Sent from Utrecht (Netherlands) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Pieter Boddaert’sBoddaert, Pieter (1730?-?).
Dutch. Naturalist and physician. Friend
of Albert Schlosser, whose cabinet of
natural history objects he described.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
hopes that Linnaeus has received the publications that he had sent three months earlier [Boddaert to Linnaeus, 6 August 1771Letter L4536]. He is eagerly waiting for a letter from Linnaeus.

Now, Boddaert is glad to be able to send Linnaeus the diploma for his membership in the Royal Zeeland Society of Sciences in Vlissingen [Koninklijk Zeeuwsch Genootschap der WetenschappenKoninklijk Zeeuwsch Genootschap der
Dutch. The Royal
Zeeland Society of Sciences was founded
in Vlissingen 1769.
]. Boddaert congratulates him and finds that he has got one more reason to call Linnaeus a colleague.

Boddaert is eager to receive a letter from Linnaeus where he accepts this membership and also tells him if the previous package of books has arrived. The books sent were: his own Epistola ad [... ]: Johannem Burmannum [...] de Chaetodonte argoBoddaert, Pieter Epistola ad
[... ]: Johannem Burmannum [...] de
Chaetodonte argo / descripto atque
accuratissima icone illustrat ex museo
[...] Johannis Alberti Schlossseri

(Amsterdam, 1770).
and Epistola ad virum amplissimum W. Roëll de testudine cartilagineaBoddaert, Pieter Epistola ad
virum amplissimum W. Roëll de
testudine cartilaginea, descripta atque
accuratissima icone illustrata ex museo
viri celeberrimi Johannis Alberti
(Amsterdam, 1770).
and Johannes Eusebius Voet’sVoet, Johannes Eusebius
(?-1778). Dutch. Zoologist.
Coleoptera [Catalogus systematicus ColeopterorumVoet, Johannes Eusebius
Catalogus systematicus
(Den Haag, 1766).
], as well as the fifth and sixth fascicle of Spicilegia [Boddaert’s translation of Peter Simon Pallas’sPallas, Peter Simon
(1741-1811). German. Naturalist and
explorer. Pallas studied at the
universities of Göttingen and
Leiden. In 1768 he was called to Russia
to take part in an expedition to
Siberia, the aim of which was to study
the passage of Venus. Pallas remained in
Russia for the greater part of his life.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
Spicilegia zoologicaPallas, Peter Simon
Spicilegia zoologica quibus novae
imprimis et obscurae animalium species :
iconibus, descriptionibus atque
commentariis illustrantur
, Dierkundig mengelwerkPallas, Peter Simon & Pieter
Dierkundig mengelwerk :
in het welke de nieuwe of nog duistere
zoorten van dieren door naauwkeurige
afbeeldingen, beschryvingen en
verhandelingen opgehelderd worden : in
het latyn beschreeven / door den
Hooggel. Herr P.S. Pallas ; vertaald en
met aanmerkingen voorzien door P.
(Utrecht, 1768-1770).
]. Boddaert does not have time to write more in this letter.


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