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Link: • Melcher Falkenberg to Carl Linnaeus, November 1773 n.s.
Dated . Sent from Lund (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Melcher FalkenbergFalkenberg, Melcher
(1722-1795). Swedish. Count. Chancellor
of Lund University. Correspondent of
reminds Linnaeus of their acquaintanceship and asks for Linnaeus’s opinion with regard to a calidarii building at the the University of Lund the drawings of which have been sent to Falkenberg.

Falkenberg’s first question is whether the building should necessarily be of brick, or whether half-timber would have the same effect, as it would cost much less. The second question concerns heating ducts. The drawings show that the inside of the building is heated only on one side since the ducts are shown to go in a elongated oval shape, but the heat on the side with the windows would be wasted. Falkenberg is also concerned about whether the heat should be allowed to circulate up and down in a manner similar to the tiled ovens that had become so popular at that time, as it would then be more evenly spread and would save wood, as well as enable easy modulation as required with the help of a thermometer. In addition, it would give the impression that the room was 2 or 3 ells wider; plants could be placed along both long sides and still leave space for the windows, which would be vertically placed.

Falkenberg continues by asking Linnaeus to give some thought to the establishment itself, whether it could be improved within the same length, as the width had been decided. If Linnaeus were to find something that needed improvement or should be changed completely, as well as any precautions that should be taken during the construction, or savings that could be made, Falkenberg asks for a prompt reply as all the items necessary for the building will soon be purchased.



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