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Link: • James Gordon to Carl Linnaeus, 30 June 1766 n.s.
Dated . Sent from London (Great Britain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in English.


James GordonGordon, James (1708-1780).
British. Gardener to James Sherard at
Eltham and then to Lord Petre at
Thorndon. After that he founded a
nursery at Bow and run a seed shop in
London. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
writes to Linnaeus to thank him for the Linnaea borealis and the other plants he has received and to tell him that the plants are now growing [if this sending was accompanied by a letter, this letter has not come down to us]. Gordon is very sorry that the plants he sent Linnaeus miscarried [this would imply that they grew but did not give any viable seeds]. He writes that he has sent some new plants, listed below, and hopes that they will be more successful. Gordon writes that he will always be happy to provide anything from his collection that might be of interest to Linnaeus. Gordon has also sent a specimen of the Ruscus androgynus in bloom.

A list of 8 plants follows.


a. original holograph (LS, V, 87-88). [1] [2] [3]