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Link: • Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber to Carl Linnaeus, 1 May 1772 n.s.
Dated . Sent from ? () to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Johann Christian Daniel von SchreberSchreber, Johann Christian Daniel von
(1737-1810). German. Physician
and botanist. Became doctor of medicine
at Uppsala under Linnaeus in 1760.
Professor of botany and director of the
botanical garden of Erlangen.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
is sorry that Linnaeus has not yet received the copies of Materia medica [Schreber refers to the edition he himself was involved in, Materia medica 2nd ed.Linnaeus, Carl Materia medica
per regna tria naturae secundum genera
differentias synonyma loca durationes
culturas nomina simplicia praeparata
. 2nd ed (Leipzig &
Erlangen, 1772). Soulsby no. 971.
] that have been sent via Leipzig; the bookseller immediately sent copies to Leipzig to be sent on to Linnaeus. The latter has also sent Giovanni Antonio Scopoli’sScopoli, Giovanni Antonio
(1723-1788). Italian. Physician and
naturalist. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
Flora Carniolica [Schreber presumably refers to Flora Carniolica, 2nd editionScopoli, Giovanni Antonio
Flora Carniolica exhibens plantas
Carnioliae indigenas et distributas in
classes, genera, species, varietatis,
ordine Linnaeano
(1760), I-II, 2nd
edition (Vienna 1771-1772).
], which Schreber had given him. Schreber hopes that the works have arrived by now. Meanwhile Schreber sends the full title of Materia medica and the preface that he has written.

Most of Johann Heinrich Rudolph’sRudolph, Johann Heinrich
(1744-1809). German. Botanist from
Jena, professor of botany at St
Petersburg in 1783.
seeds have germinated, but only Ocimum has flowered. There is a reference to a work by Leonard PlukenetPlukenet, Leonard (1642-1706).
British. Botanist and physician.
Botanist to Mary II (wife of William
III). Superintendent of Hampton Court.

Rudolph has sent Schreber insects that he has recently received from Bengal. Schreber sends descriptions and illustrations of these insects; they are rough but accurate. There is a reference to Christian Friedrich Karl Kleemann’sKleemann, Christian Friedrich Karl
(1735-1789). German.
work [Schreber means August Johann Rösel von RosenhofRösel von Rosenhof, August
(1705-1759). German.
Naturalist and painter.
, De Natuurlyke der InsectenRösel von Rosenhof, August
Johann & Christian Friedrich Karl
De Natuurlyke der
, 5 vols. (Haarlem
, which was a Dutch translation of Der monatlich herausgegebenen Insecten BelustigungRösel von Rosenhof, August
Insecten-Belustigung erster [-vierter]
Theil [...] Nebst einer Vorrede, in
welcher von dem Nutzen der Insecten
gehandelt, was sie seyen gezeiget, und
von der Eintheilung derselben Nachricht
gegeben wird
, 4 vol.
(Nürnberg, 1746-[1761].

Cerambix varus, Buprestis fenestrata, Buprestis mariana, Cassida gibbera, Grillus acheta cincinnatus are described.

Carex bohemica still flowers. Linnaeus will receive seeds in the next letter.

A new fascicle of Schreber’s Beschreibung der GräserSchreber, Johann Christian Daniel von
Beschreibung der Gräser,
nebst ihren Abbildungen nach der
, 2 vols. (Leipzig,
will be published [Schreber refers to the third fascicle in the second volume of his work].

Schreber asks for seeds of Alstroemeria. He offers to send seeds of Phalaris oryzoides.


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