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Link: • Peter Collinson to Carl Linnaeus, 25 June 1749 n.s.
Dated June 14: 1749. Sent from London (Great Britain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in English.


Peter CollinsonCollinson, Peter (1694-1768).
British. Merchant and amateur naturalist
in London, corresponded with many
scientists. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
reports to Linnaeus that the enclosed seeds, described in the hand-written note from John ClaytonClayton, John (1685-1773).
British/American. Physician and
botanist. Born i England, moved to
Virginia in North America in 1715. His
herbarium collected in Virginia was
published by Johan Frederik Gronovius
and Linnaeus in Flora Virginica
(1739, 1743). Correspondent of Linnaeus.
[presumably Clayton to Linnaeus, 21 October, 1748Letter L0979], had cost him one shilling and sixpence in postage.

Collinson has not yet received the six pounds 8 shillings due to him by Linnaeus for Mark Catesby’sCatesby, Mark (1682-1749).
British. Naturalist and artist. Best
known for his illustrated work The
Natural history of Carolina, Florida and
the Bahama islands
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
three books [Collinson refers to the two volumes of The Natural history of CarolinaCatesby, Mark The Natural
history of Carolina, Florida and the
Bahama Islands: containing the figures
of birds, beasts, fishes, serpents,
insects and plants: particularly the
forest-trees, shrubs, and other plants,
not hitherto described, or very
incorrectly figured by authors. Together
with their descriptions in English and
French. To which are added observations
on the air, soil, and wate: with remarks
upon agriculture, grain, pulse, roots,
&c. To the whole is prefixed a new
and correct map of the countries treated
, I-II (London 1731-1743).
and a supplement, published in 1746] sent on 14 September, 1748 [Collinson refers to his letter, dated 14 October 1748Letter L5407].

Collinson makes a sum and finds that Linnaeus owes him six pounds, nine shillings and sixpence.


a. original holograph (LS, XVII, 26). [1] [2]