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Link: • François Boissier de La Croix de Sauvages to Carl Linnaeus, 16 February 1761 n.s.
Dated 16 februarii 1761. Sent from Montpellier (France) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


François Boissier de La Croix de SauvagesSauvages, François Boissier de
La Croix de
(1706-1767). French.
Botanist and clergyman and physician,
professor in medicine at Montpellier.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has not had a letter from Linnaeus for five months [if there was a letter from Linnaeus to Sauvages in August 1760, this letter has not come down to us; it seems as if the letter from Linnaeus to Sauvages, dated 26 January 176Letter L2850 had not yet reached Sauvages], which worries him. Are there problems with Linnaeusís health or with their friendship? Sauvages is, however, reassured hearing that Linnaeus has been invited twice by the King of Spain [Carlos III de BorbónCarlos III de Borbón,
(1716-1788). Spanish. King of Spain.
Reigned from 1759-1788.
]. If Linnaeus accepts this invitation, he must also come to Montpellier! If he declines, he may prefer sending a pupil to represent him. In that case young Antoine GouanGouan, Antoine (1733-1821).
French. Botanist, Montpellier. Student
under Sauvages. Director of the
botanical garden in 1767, later
professor of botany and medicine.
Although an admirer of Linnaeus he tried
to develop a hybrid of his system of
classification. Correspondent of
would be perfect for that task. He would be honoured to do this and would also love to accompany Linnaeus, if he decides to go himself. Personally Sauvages would find it very flattering to get such an invitation, but he would not be able to accept it.


a. original holograph (LS, V, 153v-154).