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Link: • Domenico Vandelli to Carl Linnaeus, 20 August 1763 n.s.
Dated d. 20 sextilis. 1763.. Sent from Padua (Italia) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Domenico VandelliVandelli, Domenico (1735-1816).
Italian. Physician and botanist. Left
for Portugal in 1764, where he was a
professor at the university of Coimbra.
He was the founder of Ajuda botanical
garden in Lisboa and of the Coimbra
botanical garden, where he was also the
first director (1773-1791).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
had meant to write to Linnaeus before he left Milan, but he could not send a dried specimen of Papia at that time, so he did not write a letter. Now, he sends that specimen together with dried specimens of twenty rare plants which he has collected around Milan. Descriptions are given of a few of them, of the rest only characters.

In addition, he sends a plant that he had found close to Padua, when he had returned there in early spring in order to start his work at the flora of Padua. He found it on August 8 with flowers and fruits, and he gives a description. Pietro ArduinoArduino, Pietro (1728-1805).
Italian. Professor of economy, Padua.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
had made two different determinations of the species, but Vandelli is not satisfied with either of them. He asks for Linnaeusís opinion.

Vandelli suggests that Linnaeus publishes the new plants in the transactions of the Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala [Kungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i UppsalaKungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i
Swedish. The Royal
Society of Sciences at Uppsala was
founded in 1728.
; there was an intermission in the publishing of these transactions, Acta societatis regiae scientiarum Upsaliensis Acta societatis regiae
scientiarum Upsaliensis
from 1751 to 1772], and Vandelli will care for the production of delineations.

P.S.1.Vandelli informs Linnaeus about some new works. In Bologna, Ferdinando BassiBassi, Ferdinando
(c.1710-1774). Italian. Director of the
botanical garden of Bologna.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has published a new species, unknown to Vandelli but said to be a species of Asarum already known from Silvio-Paolo BocconeBoccone, Silvio-Paolo
(1633-1704). Italian. Botanist at the
court of Ferdinand II of Tuscany,
professor of botany at Padua.
. Giulio PontederaísPontedera, Giulio (1688-1757).
Italian. Director of the botanical
garden and professor of botany at Padua.
He rejected Linnaeusís system. Linnaeus
named a family of Narcissoides,
Pontederia, after him.
collection of plants from Brazil will be published by Arduino.

P.S. 2. Agave Americana had flowered in Vandelliís garden.

There is a list by Linnaeusís own hand, where he enlightens Vandelli regarding the 21 plants that he has asked him about in his letter.


a. original holograph (LS, XIV, 46-47).