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Link: • Antoine Gouan to Carl Linnaeus, 11 November 1765 n.s.
Dated 11. 9br. 1765.. Sent from Montpellier (France) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Antoine GouanGouan, Antoine (1733-1821).
French. Botanist, Montpellier. Student
under Sauvages. Director of the
botanical garden in 1767, later
professor of botany and medicine.
Although an admirer of Linnaeus he tried
to develop a hybrid of his system of
classification. Correspondent of
sends Linnaeus some illustrations from Pierre Richer de BellevalísBelleval, Pierre Richer de
(1564-1632). French. Professor of
anatomy and botany at Montpellier,
director of the botanical garden at
Montpellier in 1593,
physician-in-ordinary of Henry IV and
Louis XIII.
collection. Gouan has no insects. Kermes or Cicadula minima noctiluca viridis did not appear. However, Gouan has many Papiliones that he will depict the coming winter. Many of these are unknown to Linnaeus and René-Antoine Ferchault de RéaumurRéaumur, René-Antoine
Ferchault de
(1683-1757). French.
Physicist and naturalist. His works
cover geometry, technology, mineralogy,
ornithology. His collections of natural
history objects, mineralogy etc. were
given to the Académie des
sciences after his death. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
. Gouan wonders whether Linnaeus has sent the books to Drottningholm that he has promised for a long time. He also wonders how much Robert MorisonísMorison, Robert (1620-1683).
British. Botanist and physician.
Physician-in-ordinary to Charles II.
Professor in botany at Oxford.
and Johann Jacob DilleniusísDillenius, Johann Jacob
(1684-1747). German/British. Studied at
Giessen. Sherardian professor of botany
at Oxford. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
editions are in Sweden [Gouan refers to Morisonís Plantarum historiae universalis Oxoniensis pars secunda-tertiaMorison, Robert Plantarum
historiae universalis Oxoniensis pars
secunda-tertia, seu Herbarum distributio
nova, per tabulas cognationis et
affinitatis [...] observata &
(Oxford 1680-1699).
and Dilleniusís Hortus ElthamensisDillenius, Johann Jacob
Hortus Elthamensis (London 1732).
]. Bellis maritima in Silvio-Paolo BocconeísBoccone, Silvio-Paolo
(1633-1704). Italian. Botanist at the
court of Ferdinand II of Tuscany,
professor of botany at Padua.
Museo di piante rare della Sicilia, Malta, Corsica, Italia, Piemonte, e GermaniaBoccone, Silvio-Paolo Museo
di piante rare della Sicilia, Malta,
Corsica, Italia, Piemonte, e Germania
[... ]: Con l'Appendix ad libros de
plantis Andreae Caesalpini, e varie
observazioni curiose con sue figure in
(Venice, 1697).
differs very much from Bellis annua. Gouan has cultivated them both and determined that they are of different species . He gives a description of the differences between the two species.

P.S. When Linnaeus has received all the illustrations, he will have the seeds.

[Enclosed inside L3696, Gouan to Linnaeus, 26 January 1766].


a. original holograph (LS, V, 206).