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Link: • Peter Collinson to Carl Linnaeus, 30 June 1762 n.s.
Dated . Sent from ? () to ? (). Written in English.


With what could be the last ship of the season for the north, Peter CollinsonCollinson, Peter (1694-1768).
British. Merchant and amateur naturalist
in London, corresponded with many
scientists. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
sends Linnaeus a testimony of the progress of the year’s spring in his garden, situated on a hill north of London. In the valleys south of London, spring can be two weeks earlier than this.

January, February and March were very temperate. Summer has been warm with much rain, which retards the harvest, but in the present warm weather everything looks well.

In an enclosed issue of the Philosophical transactions Philosophical Transactions
of the Royal Society of London

Linnaeus will se more of John Ellis’sEllis, John (1711-1776).
British. Merchant and naturalist, expert
on zoophytes. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
observations. Collinson does not think Linnaeus has seen Ellis’s account of the corallines [Collinson refers to "An Account of an Encrinus"Ellis, John "An Account of
an Encrinus, or Starfish, with a Jointed
Stem, Taken on the Coast of Barbadoes,
Which Explains to What Kind of Animal
Those Fossils Belong, Called Starstones,
Asteriae, and Astropodia, Which Have
been Found in Many Parts of This
Kingdom: in a Letter to Mr. Emanuel
Mendes da Costa, F. R. S. B John Ellis,
Esq; F. R. S.", Philosophical
, 52 (1762), 357-365

Collinson asks for Linnaeus’s unreserved opinion of Ellis’s work in an early letter [Collinson probably refers to his letter to Linnaeus, 1 April 1757Letter 2194].

P.S. Collinson reports that the Kalmias have flowered finely this year. In that context, Collinson asks how many volumes have been printed of Pehr Kalm’sKalm, Pehr (1716-1779).
Swedish. Botanist and traveller,
professor of natural history at
Åbo. Disciple of Linnaeus.
Travelled in North America 1748-1751.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
report of his American discoveries [Collinson refers to En resa til Norra AmericaKalm, Pehr En resa til Norra
America, på Kongl. Swenska
Wetenskaps Academiens befattning, och
publici kostnad
, I-III (Stockholm
1753-1761). Soulsby no. 2586a.
, which was published with three volumes, the last one in 1761; the English translation was not published until 1770-1771, Travels into North AmericaKalm, Pehr Travels into North
America : containing its natural
history, and a circumstantial account of
its plantations and agriculture in
general, with the civil, ecclesiastical
and commercial state of the country, the
manners of the inhabitants, and several
curious and important remarks on various
(London, 1770-1771).
Soulsby no. 2586d.
], and he asks Linnaeus to tell Kalm that Kalm seems to have forgotten Collinson entirely.

Linnaeus will soon receive his diploma, finely ornamented.


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