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Link: • Jacob Theodor Klein to Carl Linnaeus, 1752 n.s.
Dated . Sent from Gdansk (Poland) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


In a letter from Johan Gustaf Wahlbom Wahlbom, Johan Gustaf
(1724-1808). Swedish. Physician and
naturalist. Studied at Uppsala under
Linnaeus, anatomy, surgery and
obstretics at Wittenberg. Provincial
physician at Kalmar. Correspondent of
to Linnaeus [the letter is undated, but written in 1752Letter L5348] Jacob Theodor KleinKlein, Jacob Theodor
(1685-1759). German. Naturalist,
Dresden and Danzig. Director of the
Danziger Naturforscher-Gesellschaft. One
of Linnaeusís opponents. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
sends a note to Linnaeus with a description of the three-toed woodpecker.

Klein cites George EdwardsEdwards, George (1693-1773).
British. Ornithologist and artist.
Visited the Netherlands, France and
Scandinavia. Best known for his
History of birds (1747-1751).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
who has it as No. 114 [Klein refers to A natural history of uncommon birdsEdwards, George A natural
history of uncommon birds, and of some
other rare and undescribed animals
[...]. To which is added a [... ]general
idea of drawing and painting in water
colours; with instructions for etching
on copper with Aqua Fortis: likewise
some thoughts on the passage of
etc., 4 pt., 4 vols. (London,
] and remarks that there are many birds with only three toes, but they have all these toes turned forward, but this one has two forward and one backwards, longer then the others and ending in a claw.

Klein cites from Linnaeus, and acknowledges as correct information, that this bird is found in the mountains in Dalecarlia. He makes the addition that Daniel Gottlieb MesserschmiedMesserschmied, Daniel Gottlieb
(1685-1735). German. Botanist.
Travelled in Siberia.
knows it from Siberia, which makes it necessary to correct the information given in page 29 of Kleinís own previous publication about the bird [Klein refers to his Summa dubiorum circa classes quadrupedum et amphibiorumKlein, Jacob Theodor Summa
dubiorum circa classes quadrupedum et
amphibiorum in celebris domini Caroli
Linnaei Systemate naturae: sive
naturalis Quadrupedum historiae
promovendae prodromus cum praeludio de
(Leipzig 1743).

Klein adds that the bird Edwards had used is from the Hudson River, all gold-coloured. It has not been seen in European forests.

In an addition, Klein mentions that the woodpecker lays white eggs in April in holes that it makes in trees or in trees that are hollow from great age. From Zinanni [Klein means Giuseppe GinanniGinanni, Giuseppe (1692-1753).
Italian. Botanist, Ravenna.
], Klein quotes a sentence in Italian, meaning that the eggs are so white and transparent that it is almost impossible to distinguish the white from the yolk [Kleins refers to Ginanniís Delle uova e dei nidi degli uccelliGinanni, Giuseppe Delle uova
e dei nidi degli uccelli, libri primo
del cont Giuseppe Zinanni [...] Aggiunte
in fine alcune Osservazioni, con una
dissertazione sopra varie spezie di cava
(Venice 1737).


a. original holograph (LS, XVI, 160r).