Letter L0217
Letter written by Paul Heinrich Gerhard Moehring
Letter addressed to Carl Linnaeus
Date 4 October 1737


Paul Heinrich Gerhard Möhring thanks Linnaeus effusively for two letters, in which he is so highly praised that it made him blush. Moehring is happy to know of Linnaeusís resolution to keep correspondence and friendship unabated.

Möhring then discusses what methods to apply in his botanical work. If Linnaeusís sexual system had been known to him earlier, he would have chosen a different approach. Now he has an ardent desire to study Linnaeusís works closely, in order to be able to apply his methods in his future researches.

After this follows a lengthy enumeration of various plants and their characteristics. The following plants are described: Volubilis, Arnica, Hyacinto-Butomus, Centauroides, Asphodeliris.

Moehring and the whole learned world are ďavidlyĒ awaiting the new edition of Linnaeusís Biblioteca botanica along with other works to be edited. Moehring hopes Linnaeusís return home will not delay this excellent project.

ďHow much are Hortus Cliffortianus and Petrus Artediís (not yet published) work on ichthyology?Ē he asks.

The constant problem of finding suitable means of transport for their correspondence is discussed. One way is to establish contacts with sailors. Closing the letter, Moehring expresses the hope that Linnaeus will favour him with a letter as soon as possible.

In an extensive appendix Möhring presents a minute description and definition of Corrigiola.

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