Letter L3080
Letter written by Domenico Maria Leone Cirillo
Letter addressed to Carl Linnaeus
Date 14 June 1762


For a long time Domenico Maria Leone Cirillo[+] had intended to write to Linnaeus to discuss the sexual system. Clas Alströmer[+] has told Cirillo that Linnaeus gladly receives letters from abroad on this topic.

During the previous year Cirillo found much in the pollen of the anthers, etc., which confirms the veracity of Linnaeus’s sexual method. Cirillo would have finished his “Flora Neopolitana” long ago, if he had been able to finish his travels in the northern and southern provinces of Italy. He hopes to be able to finish his work within years [the first volume of this work was published in 1788, Dominici Cyrilli [...] Plantarum variorum regni Neapolitani fasciculiis primus (secundus)[+]]. The mountains of Naples have almost innumerable plants; many are either new or imperfectly described. Cirillo has now described and illustrated them according to Linnaeus’s rule.

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