Letter L4424
Letter written by Frédéric Allamand
Letter addressed to Carl Linnaeus
Date 3 November 1770


Frédéric Allamand[+] wants to inform Linnaeus on the observations he made on new plants in America during a journey long ago. He had kept the material carefully, but he had lost it when being attacked by pirates. What he now has is the result of two years’ work after he had returned to America, mainly staying in Surinam, a region that had not been covered by any able botanist. So Linnaeus should regard the attached manuscript as a specimen, and Linnaeus should tell Allamand if it is of any worth and also what else Linnaeus may wish. Allamand will follow Linnaeus’s advice.

As an attachment, Allamand sends his “Genera plantarum Americanarum”[+] [the manuscript was never published], twelve leaves containing characters of 37 species.


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